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LOVE/HATE | Manolo for the Brides - Part 3
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LOVE/HATE: Twelve Hour Twitter Proposal

When Mike Deurkson decided to propose marriage to his lady, identified on the Twitter feed only as ‘J’, he wanted to let the whole social media crowd in on the moment… for twelve hours.

He set up eight romantic dates over the course of those twelve hours, and tweeted to his followers on #MikeProposes about the significance of the locations and activities chosen. Apparently there was no fear that J would figure out what was going on simply because she doesn’t have a Twitter account.

Well okay, then.

J did however notice that Mike was busy with his phone an awful lot. One Tweet read:


LOVE/HATE: Recycled Weddings

The other day I was catching up on some recent episodes of Four Weddings, probably the best and most realistic wedding reality show going, in my not so humble opinion.

One of the brides had decided to go as green as she could with her plans. To that end, she sent out the word on various bridal boards that she was looking for gently used items she could work into her decorations.

Well, she got enough bites that she didn’t have to buy any of her decor other than flowers, from the look of things! Of course nothing matched, but she and her groom seemed happy with the cheerful cacophony of random goodies donated by recent brides and grooms from all over the country.

Me? I LOVE this one. As long as you’re relaxed and willing to go with the flow of what happens to arrive on your doorstep, you can save a lot of money this way, and other couples can find a new home for things they didn’t much care about once the I do’s had been said and the bird seed swept up. It’s easy on the planet, requires creativity, and – in a funny way – lets you bask in the support of other couples around the country.

My one caveat: be clear about what you want. If you care about what color an item is or can’t use anything scented, make sure you mention that in your call for offerings. My other caveat: even if you wind up not using something sent, be sure to thank the donor.

How about all of you? Where do you stand on this one?

LOVE/HATE Where Do You Put a Bra?

Let’s take a look at this bridesmaids’ dress.

Attractive color, check. Pockets, check. Choice of knee or floor length, check. Rewearable? Pretty decent chance, check. Comes in sizes up to 24, which is great.

But that’s a mighty low plunge in front. Well, maybe if I find a plunge bra with a transparent front closure…

… whoops! I guess that won’t work, either. Better hope all the maids are A cups who don’t fear a wardrobe malfunction! Either that, or give all the girls wedding cardigans to cover up the dresses you chose.

So while I love nearly everything about this dress, I still have to go with HATE here, because of the impracticality and strong probability that at least one girl will spend the entire wedding desperately trying to rein in her girls.

LOVE/HATE Wishing You Were Here

I know, I know, this makes LOVE/HATE two days running, which is unusual around here. But every once in a while, something comes along and I just need to hear where others stand on it right away.

In this case, I was pointed in the direction of an article at Jezebel about a wedding missing an important person and how the family dealt with it in the photos.

You see, the groom’s father (at least I’m assuming it’s the groom’s father since they look a lot alike and it’s the groom’s sister who did the alterations to the pics) fell ill and wound up being in the hospital on the wedding day. The wedding went ahead as scheduled, but of course everyone missed the missing father, as you do.

So the groom’s sister sat down with the wedding pics and Photoshopped him into a selection.

How do I feel about this one? Well, if whoever is ill is going to be fine, and if it’s done in this entirely tongue-in-cheek way of adding completely ridiculous images, and if it’s just a few pics mostly for the family… then I kind of LOVE it. Otherwise I think I might HATE it.

But right now I’m finding myself thinking of asking Photoshop wiz Mr. Twistie to take my fave shot of my mother living it up at the Renaissance Fair and digitally adding it to one of our wedding photos. I know she would have had just that great a time at our wedding, had she lived to see the day.

So what do all of you think?

LOVE/HATE: Bridal Party Prints

(Image via Brides.com)
When thinking about what the wedding party will look like, many brides have a clear vision right from the start. Some imagine matching dresses, shoes, jewelry, make up, and hairstyles for all. Some think of a single-color free-for-all where she says ‘blue’ and everybody just goes out and gets what they want, and then styles it their own way.

One thing both generally have in common is the assumption that these dresses will be in a solid color… but that’s not in any way required.

I’m not personally all that wild about this particular Betsey Johnson dress worn by the bridal party above… but I really like the idea behind it. I think it might be fun to see more weddings where the bridesmaids wear stripes or floral prints or polka dots. It’s festive, and my guess is that a lot of women who will never, ever, ever on pain of death wear that shell pink chiffon evening gown or the emerald green taffeta ballgown again might actually haul this little sundress out of the closet and wear it for a variety of occasions.

So, yeah, I’m going with LOVE on this trendlette. I’d like to see a lot more of it.

LOVE/HATE: Let Them Eat Their Own Cake

For the past few years, wedding cupcakes have been big business. They’re festive, and everyone can just grab one, obviating the need for someone to stand there cutting cake all night. It’s a practical idea that makes a lot of people smile.

Well, recently another trend has popped up that’s just a little more elaborate, but still does away with that endless cake cutting: the individual wedding cake.

As you can see above, they’re tiny versions of a larger wedding cake. Typically there will be one full tier for the happy couple to cut and serve among the wedding party, while the waiters serve individual small cakes to individual guests.

Even though it reduces the cake cutting fees, this is still more expensive than cupcakes since each cake is more elaborately decorated and a little bit bigger than a cupcake, more often than not.

Is it for everyone? No. I don’t think there’s much of anything that’s for everyone. All the same, I’m coming down on the side of LOVE for this one. They look charming, and there’s something delightfully indulgent about the concept of eating an entire cake by yourself… even a very tiny one.

What about all of you?

LOVE/HATE: Is It Funny?

(Illustration via Strange Things My Imagination Might Do)

So. This ad. Okay, I get where they came up with the joke. All the same… I can’t help thinking it sounds an awful lot like the kinds of ‘jokes’ I’ve so often heard about sexual assault.

Oversensitive? I’m inclined to think not. All the same, I’d like to know what all of you think.

Clearly, I HATE this one. How do you feel? Why?

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