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Inspiration: Put On Your Red Shoes and Dance

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

The lovely Leah writes:

My friend is getting married in September. She has the lovely and classy wedding dress in ivory and champagne (see link). The length of the dress has been measured for a 2 1/2″ heel. She would love to find a beautiful and classy shoe to wear with this wedding dress. In red. Oh, and no wedges, please. While I find them comfortable, my friend has a dislike for the wedge style which I don’t quite understand but have given up trying to overcome.

Her wedding dress can be seen here. Please ignore the fact that the model is doing her best Kim Cattral ala Mannequin impression, and also disregard the Spanish bolero in the final picture as it won’t be worn in this ceremony. My friend looks devastatingly beautiful in this dress, possibly due to the glow on her face when she wears it. Awwwww….

I have tried to use the resources available to me in the links of the Manolosphere, however my amateur self has been overwhelmed in my red shoe search by the silly, funky, daring, whimsical, exotic, and just plain tacky offerings. I turn to you, the professionals, to help me pull the beautiful and classy from the piles of other. Can you help? I know at the very least you can inspire.

I, like the Manolo, love the shoes, even if I do spend most of the year puttering around the house barefoot. While I don’t spend a lot of time shoe shopping, I do spend a lot of time looking! That’s why, out of all of the problems I figured I might have fulfilling Leah’s request, I never imagined that it would be heel height of all things that tripped me up.


LOVE/HATE: the bridal sneaker edition

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

These just kind of speak for themselves, really. Though it’s a bit hard to tell, the bride and her FG are wearing white canvas sneaker-mules embellished with “delicate satin roses, pearl beads, crystal rhinestones, and elegant sheer ribbon” from Savvy Sneaks.

Now, I have nothing against brides wanting to avoid podiatric pain when they say their vows! But someone — perhaps The Manolo himself — needs to tell ladies like the one in this photo that there are perfectly comfortable, event-appropriate shoes out there that do not look like the trainers your Aunt Ida bedazzled for you when you were in fifth grade.

It’s HATE all the way here. What do you think?

A little funkier and a little more sole

Monday, March 17th, 2008

I love French Sole flats, despite the fact that they have no arch support and are in no way designed for serious walking. They’re your classic “get into the car and out of the car and into a chair” kind of shoe. My own wedding shoes came from French Sole, as I’d never seen anything prettier than the gold and deep red satin slim-fitting, low cut ballet flats.

As it turned out, they were comfy enough to wear throughout the wedding, even though I was on my feet for most of the day. That wasn’t the best part, however. No, the best part was the fun splash of color they added to my otherwise gold ensemble.

French Sole fs / ny fuchsia python print 'Zoe' ballet flatsFrench Sole fs / ny beige quilted leather python cap toe flats
French Sole fs / ny gold trim leopard 'Zoe' ballet flatsFrench Sole fs / ny white patent leather 'Zoe' ballet flats

I’m not saying shoes from French Sole will cradle your feet like a cloud or even wear particularly well, but they did work for me. I needed to wear flats — or chunky heels but I hate chunky heels — as my aisle was sandy and my dance floor was grass. Though I did have a backup pair of gold leather flip flips ::cue the gasps:: I never had cause to put them on.

If your wedding shoes are (or were) hipper or more colorful than the usual white satin or silk pump, let’s hear about them!

I hate to ask, but are these shoes catching?

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

I happened upon an older post on the Shoe Blog today, and it caught my eye. In it, the Manolo linked to “the wedding shoes of ugliness at the high prices,” so I had to go take a look.

Don’t touch it — it’s probably contagious!

Oh, Peter Fox, you kooky guy. I like a little embroidery as much as the next gal, but this is just too much of a good thing. As in, so much of a good thing that the thing itself has become bad. Very, very bad. I look at this shoe and all I can think of is MRSA, that new drug-resistant staph strain that’s all over the news.

That is not a good association. All in all, I much prefer footwear that isn’t exhibiting outward signs of infection, like so:

Anne Klein New York - Mae (Bridal White) - Women'sStuart Weitzman - Glooblada (White Satin) - Women'sStuart Weitzman - Tallulah (White Satin) - Women's

Flat and Fabulous

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

One thing is certain when you’re getting married: you’re going to spend a lot of time standing on your feet. Because of that, it’s vital to have comfortable shoes on your big day. After all, sore feet do not improve the post-wedding festivities in any way, shape or form.

Unfortunately, more and more brides seem to be solving this dilemma by wearing fashionable high heels for the ceremony, and then changing at the reception into decidedly non-superfantastic footwear for the party. Sneakers with lace and sequins added are still sneakers, and the less said of flip-flops at formal events in my hearing, the better.

The upside of this practice is, of course, an ability to boogie the night away and still leave the party under your own power. I cannot deny this as a positive thing. Alas, the downsides are myriad. Extra expense, unfortunate glimpses of those monstrous wedding sneakers, and a pool of gown that was hemmed for three-inch heels cascading across the dance floor tripping all in its path really do cancel out the comfort factor for me.

There is, however, another and better way to handle the question: wear low-heeled or flat shoes that you can be comfortable in all day and all night long.

The good news is that flat shoes are very fashionable just now, so there are plenty of pretty, flirty, elegant flats to choose from, like these sigerson morrison beauties.

sigerson morrison flats

available from Barney’s New York for a mere $345.00.

The even better news is that there are more budget-friendly shoes that are both flat and fabulous, such as these gorgeous gold Nine West shoes

Nine West kitten heels

available through Amazon for a whopping $49.99.

When comfort and fashion are both served by making one purchase instead of two, why fight it?

Those dancin’ feet

Friday, July 14th, 2006


The ever foot conscious Manolo made a wonderful point in his recent Washington Post column about the attractiveness and comfort of the professional dance shoe. I’ll admit that that I am not as graceful as I’d like to be when wearing high heels. I have wide, rather oddly shaped feet (thanks, dad!) and thus tend to teeter and totter in the most expensive and well made pumps.

Put me in a pair of dance heels, however, and I’ll shimmy circles around you. I do have eleven years of dancing under my belt, but there is more to it than that. Think about it. Dancers need a pair of heels that ensure stability. They need heels that look dainty and graceful yet cushion the feet as they pound and twist on hardwood floors. And they need heels that come in a wide range of colors and dye-friendly materials to match those flashy costumes.

Because the style range is somewhat limited, dance shoes are not for everyone. But if you’re a little unsteady in heels like me but still want to traverse the nuptial aisle in them, consider a white stage or character heel, or a ballroom dance shoe such as the Amanda by Glide. After hours on your feet, you’ll thank me.

Here come the Vogs

Friday, March 10th, 2006

Putting the funky in your wedding

A while back I received a message from the Shoe Lover regarding a something new from the good folks at Fluevog. For years I wondered how funky brides were supposed to strut their footwear style as they walked down the aisle. There were, of course, always the traditional white Doc Martens, but frankly, they look darn clunky and don’t pair well with most wedding gowns.

That’s why I was happy to discover that the Fluevog Soul Mates line has come to fill that void. Yes, there are only six styles (five for chicks and one for dudes) available at the moment, but four out of the six are pretty rad – I’m not down with the Mary Janes and the men’s style looks too much like pimp gear. The heels come in shades of white and beige, and the boots stay true to the classic Victorian wedding boot without being dowdy.

Some might not like the black soles that four of the designs sport, but I doubt many wedding spectators spend much time staring at the bride’s shoes and most dresses fall quite close to the floor anyhow. Do note that brides that are considering going with vogs should find a nearby store for a fitting, as wedding vogs are non returnable.

Love ’em!