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Jump Around. Jump Around. Jump Up, Jump Up, and Get Down.

We here at Manolo for the Brides know of at least one couple getting married on this fine Labor Day, and we hope that they and you have a ton of fun today. For those reading this outside the U.S. (and those in the U.S. whose jobs necessitate working today), have some fun even if you are actually laboring.

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Just not feeling it? Take your inspiration from Scott and Jessica (as photographed by the always fabulous qousqous) who obviously know how to have a good time.

I Knew Him When

First off, I’d like to apologize for the super-slow approval of comments over the past two days. NtB is off on a trek with little/no computer access…and I thought I was going to be able to check the laptop more than once a day for the past two days. Mr. Twistie and I were on a hellride to Los Angeles and back again, and I keep being pathetically optimistic that this will be the trip where we get to stretch our legs and check our emails just a bit more often.

I know, I know, silly me.


The reason for the trip was twofold. On the one hand, we were picking up an amazingly gorgeous new guitar for Mr. Twistie. It’s got a rich, full tone to it and looks superfantastic besides. It’s going to record brilliantly, and it definitely made me weak in the knees and feeling like I had a mouthful of rich chocolate mousse in my mouth when he played it. I get flavors from sound, sometimes. It’s a strange thing, but by and large I really enjoy it.

Anyway, reason number two for the trip was to visit the gentleman who was selling Mr. Twistie the guitar (He works in a music store, he’s not a luthier in his own right). Our friend Chris is one of the good guys. He’s smart, funny, talented, loyal, a good cook…he’s got a lot going for him. He’s also getting married in two months to a superfantastic lady.


Becoming a Bartering Bride

Budget brides, say I, consider becoming bartering brides. Twistie touched on the topic a while back, but I’ll admit that I’ve been kind of a skeptic when it comes to bartering for wedding services and accessories. Bartering suggests a more casual arrangement than one might typically have with a professional wedding vendor, and what if one doesn’t have that much to offer in exchange?


Kerry Coryell might say don’t sell yourself short. She put off her wedding a decade ago when her mom got meningitis and she became her mom’s full-time caretaker. Now that she’s finally able to plan her that long awaited wedding, she’s not going to let a little something like a lack of fundage get in the way of her dreams.

About a month ago, her girlfriend Rebecca Dever sent her an e-mail with a link to photos of a fairy tale wedding shot in Cabo by Lake Forest photographer Bob Ortiz. One of the photos even captured teardrops of happiness welling up in the eyes of the bride as she said her vows.

Kerry’s first thought: Why is my friend torturing me? Her second thought: Why can’t I have a wedding like this? But then Kerry had another thought. It was actually the same thought, but with a more positive spin.

Why CAN’T I have a wedding like this?

In a revelatory flash, Kerry recalled her dental victory. She went to her computer and banged out [a Craigslist] ad. It’s quite possibly one of the longest ads in the history of Craigslist (three pages printed out), but here’s an excerpt: “I am not at all superficial and my clothes usually come from garage sales. I never ask for anything for myself… but this day… just this one day, I want it to be mine, without limits, without settling. I hope you can help me.”

In exchange, she writes, she can sew you drapes, make you a homemade piñata, baby-sit your kids, organize your closets, mow your yard, put on your garage sale, walk your dog, cut your husband’s hair. The list goes on. The ad was posted nearly a month ago. To those who have sent her comments pointing out that the Justice of the Peace costs 50 bucks so get over yourself and your fancy wedding, she has a message:

“I would never tell anybody how little, or big, to dream.”

But overwhelmingly, the responses Coryell received have been positive. The morning after she posted her ad, a DJ wrote her saying that he’d be pleased to work her wedding reception for free, no actual bartering required. That DJ found her a videographer and a ceremony musician. Offers rolled in for tanning, teeth whitening, fake eyelashes, flowers, a caterer and a minister… and that photographer she loved so much?


This Week in Weird Wedding News

You know, sometimes just plain weird stuff happens in the wonderful world of weddings. I’m not talking about Uncle Ralph getting blitzed and deciding the DJ is providing karaoke services or Cousin Vi insisting on bringing her Peke along as her ‘and guest.’ No, I’m talking about the deeply unexpected, just plain head-scratching weird stuff that you don’t even think to pray won’t happen to you because you’d never in a million years imagine it possible.

As luck would have it, I happen to have run across three such stories in the last week. Here’s the weird I’m talking about:

At a wedding in a park in Suverito, Italy, a bride and groom hired a microlight plane to fly past their reception. The idea was that as pilot Luciano Nannelli buzzed the crowd, passenger Isidoro Pensieri would toss the bouquet to the single ladies in attendance. Kind of a fun idea, except that it didn’t work. When Pensieri tossed the flowers, they got sucked into the engine of the plane, causing some unexpected fireworks as the plane caught fire, exploded, and plunged into a hostel.

Mr. Pensieri suffered multiple fractures and a head injury, but the pilot and the fifty people in the hostel all appear to have escaped unscathed.

I’m sure you’ll all join with me in wishing Mr. Pensieri a speedy recovery…and in taking note that sometimes the spectacular is just a tidge too risky to make it worth attempting around a crowd.

In other news, NBA player Richard Jefferson and his fiancee, former New Jersey Nets dancer Kesha Ni’Cole Nichols, decided to call it quits several days before they were scheduled to say ‘I do.’ What’s so strange about that? That’s not the strange part. Even with lead time and all the resources at their disposal, it seems that a large proportion of the guests were not notified that there was no reason to come to the Mandarin Oriental in New York City, where the wedding had been expected to take place.

At least Jefferson sent a friend with his black AMEX card and instructions to make sure the people who showed up for a wedding at least got a party.

Still, I do have to wonder why so many people weren’t contacted. With a reported budget of two million bucks, you’d think that would include the means to start a phone, email, or blackberry tree to let people know there’s no longer a reason to get dressed up.

And last, though I’m not certain it’s least, comes a story of an elaborate proposal. She thought they were going to the movies for her birthday. He’d hired a cinema, hired a crowd of extras to be an ‘audience,’ had tickets printed, and made a film of himself lip-synching Daniel Beddingfield’s If You’re Not the One…in his underwear. In fact, there are multiple changes of underwear through the song.

Why did he choose to do it this way? Because he said he knew this would happen only once and he wanted to make it special.

The lady must have agreed. She said yes.

Twistie’s Fourth of July Caption Madness: The Result

Hey ho, campers!

Some of our more discerning readers may remember that last saturday was the Fourth of July. They may further remember the lovely picture I posted for the occasion. For those who don’t, here it is:

Patriotic Wedding Cake

I promised a sort of Saturday Caption Madness result in addition to my regular saturday article, and I got a couple great responses. Of course, on saturday as on sunday, there can be but one winner. Today, that winner is perletwo for this sage warning to all brides who consider dazzling their guests with indoor fireworks:

Bob and Susie’s wedding reception was a real blast!

The repair bills for the reception hall ceiling after one of the Roman candles in the wedding cake went live, however, were not.

Congratulations, perletwo, and thanks to everyone who played!

Happy Fourth of July from Twistie and NtB!

Patriotic Wedding Cake Have a slice of a Very Special Wedding Cake on us!

Oh, and feel free to treat this as a Twistie’s Saturday Caption Madness. I’ll declare a winner next saturday in addition to my usual article for the day. Why? Because I can wait to see what you come up with for this one.

And because of the fun. It’s all about the celebration of life, liberty, and the pursuit of superfantasticness.

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