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Is Your Cat Plotting Against You?

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

I have a great fondness for LOLcats. Of late I’ve noticed several with a wedding theme, and decided to share them with all of you.

And a final thought….

Always remember: chances are your cat is plotting against you. Be Prepared.

disclaimer: Mr. Twistie is greatly loved by my cat, who has never ever plotted against us except for that one time that’s still going on.

No, Sandra Lee! Put Down the Cakes!

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

One of my all-time favorite blogs to follow is Cake Wrecks. Every day (except sunday when she posts brilliant pieces of cake art as a wonderful palate cleanser) Jen exposes us to the dark underbelly of professional cake decorating. The misspellings, the unfortunate misuses of air brushing, the ideas that sounded good at the time, the ludicrously literal attempts to follow orders without completely understanding them, and the just plain inept efforts of undertrained minions in many a grocery store bakery. Good times, my friends. Good times.

Well, a few days ago, she posted this video from YouTube. I’m going to issue a food and beverage warning right now. Trust me, after seeing this exercise in cake destruction, you won’t be hungry anyway. Mostly you will thirst for justice for the poor souls who have received this monstrosity.

Oh, and what does it have to do with weddings? Listen closely. Sandra says she’s made this ‘decorated’ cake for weddings!

You all know I’m big into the DIY vibe, but if you’re going to DIY, then DIY all the way. Or at least don’t plop discount grocery store cupcakes on your discount grocery store cake without removing the wrappers. And don’t attempt to make a multi-tier cake without any sort of support for that upper tier. The upper tier will sink. And remember, if you’re buying two cakes and half a dozen cupcakes and a bunch of frosted sugar cookies in different designs, and what looks like Fruity Pebbles…really, it’s going to cost pretty much the same as just buying a regular grocery store celebratory cake, but it will never look like it did.

And if you really can’t afford a decorated cake to serve to your guests (or just don’t want to), you can always give them a different dessert. Individual fruit tarts went over well at my wedding to Mr. Twistie. Or how about making a few batches of chocolate chip cookies? Brownies and Blondies, anyone? Heck, I’d go for the Krispy Kreme cake before this one. See?

Much classier looking.

A Bit of Animalistic Wedding Humor

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

I’m a big fan of the comic strip Sylvia. Have been for yonks. In the interest of blowing off steam for our soon-to-be brides, I thought I’d share a couple that have amused me in the past week having to do with weddings:


In It to Win It

Monday, August 25th, 2008

With the exception of a handful of rogue weddings, the nuptial celebrations I’ve attended as an adult have NOT included the tossing of the bouquet. At one of the aforementioned affairs, I didn’t get anywhere near the thing. I caught it at another — mainly because my aunt winged it right at my head. At yet another, I actually did catch it, but then I tossed it covertly to the woman standing next to me and she was more than happy to have it.

As I’ve gotten older, there have typically been less and less single ladies on the floor when the bride has decided to toss the bouquet. You get the teenage girls, the older widows, the “cougars,” and the small group of single, of-marriageable age women. Sometimes you can see the horror and mortification in these ladies’ eyes as their friends and relatives elbow them onto the parquet when the DJ announces the impending toss.

Of course, some women are into the whole game. Really into it. Some even want to nab that bunch of blooms so badly that they’re willing to commit bodily assault to get it! This how-to from Howcast is meant to be humorous (I hope) but I’ve known a chick or two who would treat this as deadly serious advice.

I’d advise taking an entirely different approach to the bouquet. Step 1: Before the wedding, ascertain whether your group of friends has any interest in the outdated tradition. If not, proceed to Step 2: Approach the bride-to-be to determine whether she’s thinking of tossing the bouquet. If she is, proceed to Step 3: Threaten to take her future husband hostage if she won’t agree to scrap the idea. If she procures another fiancĂ©e, proceed to Step 4: Strap yourself to your seat when the MC announces it’s tossing time.

Because We Can All Use a Little Surrealism on Sunday

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Sometimes we all need to blow off some steam while planning a wedding. That’s when it’s fun to head over to Youtube and see what you find when you plug the word ‘wedding’ into the search engine.

Here are a couple of the highlights I’ve found recently.