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Unusual Weddings | Manolo for the Brides - Part 4
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Picture Perfect Wedding

When wedding photographer Jerry Tomko survived stomach cancer in 2007 thanks to the excellent care he received at Thomas Jefferson’s Kimmel Cancer Center in Philadelphia, he wanted to give back to those who had saved his life. And so it was that he asked the center to find a cancer patient or survivor who needed some nice wedding pictures.

For quite a while, the center didn’t have any ideas who Tomko could help. Then along came social worker and mother of four Melinda Muniz.

Disaster vs ‘Disaster’

Diann Valentine is coming to rescue you! Well, if you had a wedding that didn’t turn out so well, that is. The celebrity planner who has worked for Usher, Toni Braxton, and a host of other famous folk is now doing her WETV series I Do Over to help the hapless whose wedding dreams crashed into a solid wall of reality.

So I watched an episode.

The Santinis had been married for eighteen years (hey! that’s how long Mr. Twistie and I have been married!) but never got over the horror of their wedding day. You see, they hired someone to make the bridesmaids dresses who didn’t get them done in time. She had promised delivery on the day of the wedding to the church… and apparently nobody thought that plan to be potentially fraught with disaster.

The big day arrived, but the bridesmaids dresses didn’t, much to the consternation of all aware of the situation. For some reason passing all understanding, when the bride’s grandmother began foaming at the mouth about having the bridesmaids wear the groomsmen’s shirts, nobody pressed a cold compress to her forehead or called the paramedics. Instead, they listened to her.

It’s a Zombie Jamboree Wedding

This is an image from the Toronto Zombie Walk, 2011. Awesome, yes, but a seemingly unlikely place for romance to blossom.

Ah, but then zombie queen Thea Munster (in untattered wedding white, carrying a bouquet that featured miniature skulls) and her unlife partner Adam Invader tied the knot before a delighted audience of their fellow undead.

The bride and groom arrived via coffin carried by a party of pallbearers in Victorian mourning And departed the plane of their wedding altar in a classic car with a ‘just buried’ sign on the back.

Adam and Thea, may you spend many delightful eons together, and may you never find yourself running low on Brains Helper! Congratulations, you crazy zombies, you!

In NYC Tomorrow? Check Out the Pop Up Chapel!

Pop-up weddings, a celebration of FINALLY getting there!

For those who happen to be in New York City tomorrow and want a first-hand look at the happiness marriage equality can bring should head over to Merchant’s Gate in Central Park between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.. There you’ll find the Pop Up Chapel, which will host 24 elegant and customized weddings with help from the wedding experts at The Knot. What’s the Pop Up Chapel all about? According to the website:

“Our goal was to provide beautiful weddings that reflect the importance of the commitment our couples are making while providing a symbol of marriage equality for the entire city to celebrate.”

The Pop Up Chapel – two chapels, in fact – is providing a legal officiant, wedding photographer, ceremony decorations, and refreshments for the 24 lucky couples who reserved spots early (and their allotted 12 wedding guests), while the event itself will benefit charities that support LGBTQI youth. How did it all come together so fast? Volunteers, donations, planning experts, and a contest that asked architects to submit design entries for the 8 feet by 8 feet mini-altars that the winner will get funds to build. That’s how.

“This is basically wedding planning on steroids,” Carley Roney, Pop Up Chapel organizer, told the Times.

As for how you can get a look at this fun, spontaneous, and joyful nuptial event, the answer is respectfully. Spectators are welcome, the organizers of the Pop Up Chapel ask that they stick to designated areas. These are people’s weddings, after all!

On the Big Day, Be Sure You Know the Words

All right, my lovelies, I cannot even begin to describe how fantastic this is. When a friend first passed it on to me, I assumed it was just a video made to look like a wedding. But no, as it turns out, there is – or was, since the video isn’t new – a company called LOCKDOWN that billed itself as specializing in wedding lip sync videos featuring brides and grooms and wedding parties and guests all participating. Have a look:

The best part is that this particular video made the rounds a few years back and inspired other couples to either having the same thing done by video experts or, if they were a bit technical and musical themselves, to DIY it. I am wholly impressed by what some couples are able to do and the services they are able to find.

Would you do something like this or hire a service to create a wedding lip sync video for you? I think if you limited participation to the couple and the bridesmaids and groomsmen, it wouldn’t necessarily be that difficult to do on your own. It would only get really complicated when you started asking your wedding guests and in-laws to participate in what is essentially a wedding day side project. Not everyone, I’d imagine, would fancy the notion of playing a part in your wedding music video! (Though I certainly would, so do feel free to invite me to your reception.)

When Is a Good Time To Break It Off? Before This Happens.

via Daily Intel

Hey, psst. Guys out there. Well, and gals, too. Anybody who’s having a couple cold feet before the wedding, I’m talking to you. There’s no really good way or time to break things off, but there are times and places that are worse than others.

Wang Lu of Changchun, China chose his time poorly. He waited until the wedding day after the bride was dressed in her finery 80 feet off the ground.

The distraught bride, one Li Wan climbed out on the window ledge in despair and jumped. Luckily, rescue worker Guo Zhongfan was on the spot and managed to grab Li by the neck. Someone in the window below grabbed Li’s feet, and she was saved.

For more dramatic photos of the rescue, follow this link.

On the lighter side of marriage in China this week, two couples married in a cemetery to give extra oomph to the promise to be parted only by death. All four work in the Yong’an Cemetery in Tianjin.

The wedding procession comprised twenty-six cemetery carts specially decorated for the occasion. After the ceremony, the couples planted saplings to represent their hopes for long, happy marriages. As groom Wu Di explained:

“It’s a natural choice for us, as we work here and love this place. All the ancestors lying underneath are our wedding witnesses.”

May the ancestors bless the happy pairs, and may their trees flourish for many, many years.

A Seriously Plaid Wedding

This wedding photographed by Sarah Maren Photography and featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs is just fantastic. I mean, come on, plaid? Plaid! PLAAIIIID!

Would you do a plaid wedding? I would never in a million zillion years have seriously thought about anything other than a solid color or maybe a polka dot wedding theme because I guess I’m just a wee bit timid in the pattern department. Too bad, though, since just look at how gorgeous a plaid wedding can be!

Especially when we’re talking about plaid bridesmaids dresses, oooh. Seriously, ooh!

What do you think of this seriously fun and original look?

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