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Manolo for the Brides | Manolo Loves the Brides! - Part 29

LOVE/HATE: One Tight Trumpet

Okay, setting aside for one moment the fact that this gown is about the bisect this poor model’s bazooms, can we talk about the extreme hobble effect of the super-tight skirt? Because I think this woman is going to need to hop down the aisle with that little room at the knees.

And then there’s that… sleevelet? That odd little blip hanging halfway down her left arm. Is that meant to be a sleeve? Is it meant to be there at all? Because it looks a little like someone told Ramona Kaveza that sleeves are in and she tucked a Kleenex around the model’s arm to see how it would look and forgot it there.

In short, I’m HATING this one, and I don’t think if it fit it would help very much.

What say you all?

Quickie Question: Famous Guest?

I’m guessing it’s not every bridal blog where you would expect to see a picture of Edgar Allan Poe looking all creepy at you.

The funny thing is, if I could have invited any famous person – dead or alive – to my wedding, Mr. Poe would definitely have made the short list, along with Oscar Wilde and Vincent Price. Mr. Twistie probably would have voted for Eddie Cantor.

Why these men? Because, in a word, they all knew how to have a good time. Oh, and Vincent Price was also known for his fabulous cooking. Had his arm been properly twisted, he might have brought along something tempting to eat.

Hmmm… maybe Vincent should win, after all.

What about you? If you could invite any famous person from any point in history to your wedding, who would it be? Why?

Let’s Talk Emotion, Shall We?

Grace Kelly was the epitome of serenity and dignity when she married the Prince of Monaco.

But not every bride is so serene.
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Treat Your Bridesmaids Well

(Image via WedLoft where you can see some great photos of and thoughtful advice for dressing pregnant bridesmaids)

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple weeks catching up with a bridal reality show I’d managed to miss for a long, long time. Say Yes to the Dress Bridesmaids is yet another spinoff of the original Say Yes about shopping for wedding gowns at Kleinfeld in New York City. This one, though, is a spinoff of a spinoff and takes place at Bridals By Lori, featured in Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta.

The series is on par both in production values and general sorts of message offered with the other shows in the franchise. The search for a dress is presented as a power struggle with a villain, a damsel in distress, and the heroic members of Lori’s team arriving to save the day… or at least the appointment. And most often, in the episodes I’ve seen, at least, one or more bridesmaids take on the role of villain.

This can happen. I have actually been in a wedding where one bridesmaid ran amok and tried to change the entire wedding to suit her rather than the bride.

But my experience has been that the vast majority of bridesmaids, like the vast majority of brides, mean well and honestly want everyone to be happy. It’s just that not everyone may have precisely the same priorities and needs. Taking a moment to really think about your bridesmaids’ needs and priorities might just avoid some awkward situations along the way.
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This Is Why You Ask For Examples and Recommendations

This is an image from the wedding album of Thomas and Anneka Geary. No, it was not taken by a drunken wedding guest. It was taken by professionals.

The Gearys engaged the photographic team of Ian McCloskey and Nikki Carter to photograph their wedding at a price of seven hundred fifty pounds sterling.

Lest you think that first photo is a complete fluke, here’s another example of McCloskey and Carter’s Work:
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Quickie Question: What Will You DIY?

(Illustration from Epicurious where you can find instructions on baking, building, and decorating this charming lemon raspberry wedding cake)

With prices of most wedding aspects climbing and disposable income of the average couple plummeting, and with the increased expectation that couples will do something to really imprint their weddings with their own personalities, DIY is on the rise as a wedding trend.

Some do it to save money, others to make their day clearly their own… some for a combination of the two. I know that both reasons heavily influenced my choice to be a complete bridal DIY diva! With a lack of money but all kinds of resources and creativity, well, it was an obvious choice.

It’s also a choice more and more couples are making right now.

I made the lace, designed the gown which was made for me by one of my amazing bridesmaids, did my own flowers, handed the bridesmaids fabric and patterns to make their own bridesmaid outfits and trim them as they pleased, made my own favors, and helped my father make the food. Oh, and wrote the ceremony. The officiant asked our permission to included it with his other sample ceremonies for other couples. We said sure.

So what about you? Are you choosing to DIY? Did you? If so what is/was your project? More than one?

Wedding Crashed Even at North Pole

There are few truly unique places to get married left in the world. People have used McDonald’s, KFC, dollar stores, fish tanks, hot air balloons, IKEA, and goodness alone knows what else in the search for new and unique wedding sites.

Well, Norwegian explorer Borge Ousland and his bride, Helga, found one place that hadn’t yet been used: the North Pole.

The couple gathered the wedding party together on the Russian Barneo ice base, and then took a helicopter to the pole, where the actual wedding took place. The bride wore a white silk wedding gown and the groom traditional Norwegian wedding attire. There was a cross of skis, candles, champagne, and fireworks, all of which were scheduled. What was not scheduled was the appearance of British explorer Mark Wood.

Wood was skiing to the North Pole to bring awareness to climate change, but wound up adding another layer of normalcy to the Ousland wedding: a wedding crasher.

The happy couple seems to have taken things in good stride. They invited Wood to join in the champagne and stay to watch the fireworks.

My very best wishes to the happy couple! May they take all future surprises equally well.