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Manolo for the Brides | Manolo Loves the Brides! - Part 340

Dressing for a Parisian wedding

A while back, a reader e-mailed me with a question regarding her confusion about whether wearing black, namely her ‘little black dress,’ at a winter wedding in Paris would constitute good taste or a fashion faux pas. A few quick searches later, I had found very little regarding proper Parisian wedding guest attire. So I turned to a worldly friend of mine who has at least once found herself facing such a quandary. She said,

I’ve done black at a Parisian wedding ceremony and reception, and didn’t draw any dirty looks from the fashion conscious grande dames in attendance. But I would recommend pairing your a black dress with a blazer or cardigan or some other cover up, at least for the ceremony. Guests may be expected to change between the ceremony and reception – ask the MOB – and stripping off a layer to reveal the fabulousness underneath may suffice. To keep from looking like a mourner, pair the dress with a chic patterned scarf or chunky necklace.

So, I hope that’s helpful. My own advice? Regardless of where you are, black on black with a touch of black only works when attending the weddings of ex lovers. But flashy shoes and a splash of color can quickly take the morbid out of black, like so:

Little black dress

Not quite classy, but darned tasty

Krispy Kreme

It’s no big secret that I hate wedding cake. Wedding cake is typically dryish mass-produced sponge cake topped with icky, too-sweet buttercream frosting. Which is why I love, love, love the idea of a Krispy Kreme wedding “cake.” Future brides and grooms who don’t like the KKs can choose another doughnut or even some alternative individual cake-like item. Like Hostess snacks!

Hostess Cake

You could even dye the Snowballs to match the bridal party. Now that would be unique.

Looking fresh on the big day

Makeup. I used to hate it but now I kind of like it in small doses. Until recently, I never understood the mothers who ran after their soon-to-be-married daughters with an attache case full of cosmetics, screaming, “Just a little more foundation! Please! I’ll do anything!”

While weddings are a time of joy, new beginnings, and fellowship, they are often first and foremost a time of many photographs. These photographs are meant to be timeless…to show future generations how stunning the bride and groom looked on their special day. Which is why matrimonial makeup is so often designed to look as natural as possible, like so:


Following a few guidelines, like those offered by fashionista Sher Matsen, can help you avoid looking like an extra at a Clockwork Orange convention, like so:

The eyes have it

Matsen says:

Avoid glittery or dewy looks – these are not very receptive for photographs and you may come out looking greasy.

For your makeup to look good in your photos, it must be completely matte and in neutral tones, brides usually prefer a little color. Pastels look soft and pretty, but avoid glitter, shimmer and frosted eyeshadows.

Don’t apply white or black eye shadow.

If you are doing your own makeup, see a beauty consultant and purchase your make up at least 3 months in advance. Then practice until you’ve got the perfect makeup.

Hear, hear!

The Gothsmaid

Satanic bridesmaids

This European Satin strapless bridesmaid dress with attached banded, bowed, and beaded corset around the bodice by designer Bill Levkoff seems a little…demonic for the traditional church wedding, but could be quite the showstopper at a wedding officiated over by a Church of Satan representative.

Perhaps the ceremony could be held in the Goth room of Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, where the Grim Reaper welcomes you at the wrought iron cemetary gates and escorts you through the fog and candlelight to meet your minister, Count Dracula himself, and in place of the wedding march, the bride emerges from within the confines of a snow white coffin.

A treat or a trick?

Before I say anything else I need to preface this post by asking, why do all Halloween costumes for women have to be sexy? There is the sexy cop. The sexy devil. The sexy witch. The sexy jailbird. And, naturally, the sexy bride.

Sexy bride

Who in their right mind, when contemplating Halloween costumes or costumes for any occassion, really thinks, I’m going to be a bride! The only answer I can come up with is that it must be the single girl. I come to this conclusion because if I were to don this getup on October 31, The Beard would no doubt hop on the nearest broom stick and fly for his life fearing that I had gone mad with womanly rage caused by the explosion of my biological clock and was about to do something drastic.

Hello Bridey!

Hello Bridey!

Manolo says, the Manolo’s hilarious internet friend the Spirit Fingers, she has found the latest fad from Japan, the Hello Kitty theme wedding!

Happy, happy, happy

waited too long!

I’m another year older today, but I’m not going to tell you how old I am. On this very special day, which I will spend working, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank The Manolo and everyone reading this for giving me a place to kvetch about fashion, cakes, and how The Beard has not yet proposed. When I blow out my birthday candles (and that’s provided someone is gracious enough to bake me a cake), I’m going to cross my fingers and make my wish that The Beard doesn’t wait until we look like the zombieweds above to make me his lawfully wedded wife.