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Manolo for the Brides | Manolo Loves the Brides! - Part 6

The Fiddly Bits Around the Edges

I always had a sneaking understanding of Slartibartfast, the planet designer from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He loved the ‘fiddly bits’ like fjords. I, too, love fiddly bits.

And so I’m going to cover a couple fiddly bits most bridal blogs don’t usually talk about: those tiny details that make getting ready on the day of so much easier and less stressful.

For one thing, here’s the deal with how to deal with your rings. On the big day, slide your engagement ring off your left hand and transfer it to the right until after the ceremony. The wedding band is properly placed on a naked finger, and worn closer to your heart afterward.
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Quickie Question: Photo Opt Out?

When you’re getting married, there’s a long list of shots your photographer expects to take. Bride alone, groom alone, bride with her family, groom with his family, the cake, the happy couple with each family, the happy couple alone, the getaway car, the first dance, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen… yeah, it’s a very long list these days.

And then there’s the stuff like this. Okay, I get the sentimental delight of a picture of the mother of the bride putting the final fluff on the veil or the maid of honor giving a final adjustment to the train right before the bride leaves the proverbial if not actual arms of her family to become one with her new spouse. But does anyone really need to immortalize the awkward shimmy that got her into her pouffy petticoats? Is it really necessary to have photographic evidence of what the bride looks like in curlers and the vestiges of the masque she wore to bed to tighten her skin for her big day on camera? How many brides find themselves in need of tranquilizers because they invited a photographer to snap lots of pictures just when they’re at their least put together and most nervous?

Or how about the now ubiquitous shots of the wedding party’s feet? I know how this one got started. Some couple out there wore really spectacular footwear and the picture of their shoes got passed around, and a trend was born. I get that. And if you’re wearing really neat shoes or have a truly fabulous mendhi (henna tattoo), I can certainly see wanting photographic evidence. But those shoes up there? Was there any need to immortalize those? They’re pretty darn off the rack.

Those are my personal least favorite ‘must have’ shots. What about you? What would you least want someone taking pictures of on your wedding day? Would the traditional family shots devolve into potential violence? Do you detest the rings on the Bible throwing the heart-shaped shadow? What do you not want photographed on your wedding day?

Some People Just Have the Right Attitude

Hurricane Sandy has caused untold devastation on the East Coast. There are still people without shelter, power, adequate safe food and water. The full cost will not be known for a while, and rebuilding will take a long time.

Still, there are some bright spots, some feel good stories starting to come out of the horror and loss. One of these stories is a couple named Shelley Ebert and Adam Moser. Their wedding was scheduled for yesterday, and Ebert wrote a piece for HuffPo Weddings about how Sandy has changed their plans.

Change them it did… but where there are women – and men – who would be mourning the loss of their perfect flowers and screaming that the bridesmaid who hadn’t yet picked up her dress when the storm hit can’t be in the wedding, either, this couple doesn’t care about what isn’t going to be there. They’re more concerned with who will be there, what they still have, and in looking forward to spending their one-year anniversary running the New York Marathon together, weather permitting.

The lesson here is that ultimately it’s not about the trappings, lovely and fun though they are. It’s about sharing your love, being surrounded by people who support you, and taking an amazing leap of faith into your own future.

And that, my friends, can be done even in the middle of an actual disaster.

How Low Can You Go?

This is the late Amy Winehouse on her wedding day. Note the anchor printed cotton sundress she wore.

It’s been stolen.

That and a Moschino newsprint cocktail dress she wore in an appearance on the Jools Holland show were both stolen from the late singer’s Camden home.

How low does one have to stoop in order to steal a dead woman’s wedding gown?

To make matters worse, the wedding dress was scheduled to be auctioned off in New York next month to raise money for the Amy Winehouse Foundation. It was expected to sell for pretty big bucks, too, considering its purpose in Winehouse’s life.

To whomever did this: shame on you! You’ve just taken away a lot of funding from a charity to help people overcome addiction. And always remember: karma runs over dogmas.

A Message from Jake the Cat

Twistie is not good today. She claims it is not an overdose of leftover Halloween candy, but that is her story.

My typing is not good, but I leave you with this truth for all cat-owned brides:

Happy Halloween from Manolo for the Brides!

I guess he wanted to marry a ghoul just like the ghoul that married dear old dad.

How (and Why) to Chill Out for Your Wedding

See Natalie Nunn. See Natalie Nunn throw things – hissey fits in particular – at her wedding. See what a bad idea that is.

I had – blessedly – never heard of Natalie Nunn before she showed up on Bridezillas. For two weeks now she’s been screaming on my television about how she shouldn’t have to pay for her wedding because she’s rich and famous and has people pay her to show up at parties… and there’s another week with the actual wedding to go.

She also, apparently, doesn’t have a clue what a wedding reception is.

She’s actually not the worst person on the show this season. It’s true. There was the woman on the Bridezillas staff who threw her dog (and real soulmate!) into the wedding cake because she was honked off that her groom had bought a birthday cake from a grocery store bakery section, scraped off the Happy Birthday, and written an apology on it.

Yeah, tell me that wasn’t scripted… which only makes it worse.

But this article really isn’t about Bridezillas or trying to figure out who was the worst of the worst of the season. It’s about the thing that makes so many of these women entirely lose their minds (well, in the actual spontaneous moments of the show) and make other brides and grooms all over the world lose their collective marbles whilst planning their weddings: stress.
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