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Manolo for the Brides | Manolo Loves the Brides! - Part 60

Wondering What to Eat at Your Picnic Wedding Reception?

I have written about picnic weddings at least once before, and I still think they are a daring and laid back choice for brides and grooms who don’t mind getting down on the ground in all their nuptial finery. A picnic wedding reception can be romantic and fun, lighthearted, and even a bit daring since it falls well outside of the realm of the norm. The question, of course, is what to do about refreshments. Now, just because you’re sitting on blankets and pillows piled on the grass doesn’t mean your guests have to much on sandwiches (though that’s all right, too). I’ve heard tell of caterers that have a picnic wedding reception meal option – complete with picnic baskets – though this is certainly one of those wedding reception meals that can be DIYed to some degree, from making all the food and putting together baskets solo to letting wedding guests pack their own, provided you have help from a few loved ones.

Find tons of vintage baskets that you can keep or give away, like Dani from Hello, Friend

Let wedding guests arrange themselves - from Rebecca and Derek's wedding via Martha Stewart

Even easier, have guests put together their own baskets a la Ashley of of Ashley Brooke Designs

The picnic wedding reception meal is just one of those ideas that I think not enough couples consider when planning a wedding. Especially all the brides and grooms getting married in parks – and really, parks and picnic weddings seem to go together like ceremonies and receptions, no? Of course, maybe I’m looking at this too much from the perspective of the brides and grooms. What would you, as a wedding guest, think of being asked to sit on a sheet on the ground, out of doors with the sun and the buggies, at a wedding reception?

Doogie Takes a Husband

We here at Manolo for the Brides hope you will all join us in wishing many happy years to Neil Patrick Harris and his now official finace, David Burtka.

The two have been engaged and wearing rings for the past five years, but with the New York Senate’s vote to legalize same-sex marriage in the state, they can now plan the wedding of their dreams.

Congratulations, Messers Harris and Burtka!

We would also like to extend our best wishes to all the other same-sex couples in New York who can now decide for themselves when or whether to take the marriage plunge.

Twistie’s Sunday Caption Madness: The Prisoners of Love Edition: The Result

Hey ho, camperinos!

Last week I committed visual assault on you all with this deathless image:
and asked you all to caption it to your heart’s delight.

Four of you bravely (and possibly rashly) answered the call with some truly hilarious responses.

In the end, though, there can be but one winner. This week, that winner is the inimitable Scraps for this gloriously ridiculous response:

Suddenly that Bonnie and Clyde-inspired wedding trip didn’t seem like such a good idea, after all.

Congratulations, Scraps! And thanks to everyone who played along.

LOVE/HATE: The Trying to Be Everything to Everyone Edition

When you’re choosing a wedding dress, wanting too much can become a problem. You want a short wedding dress… no, a long one! A V neck! A square neckline! A wrap dress? A bubble hem?! There are just so many choices when it comes to wedding dress, from necklines to hemlines to fabric and more. The less decisive bride-to-be may find herself trying to find it all in a single wedding dress and ending up less than satisfied as a result.

I wish I knew who created this dress - any leads, my lovelies?

So what do we have here? To my eyes it looks like an example of a dress that’s trying too hard to be too many things. I’m not a fan of the short skirt/long skirt look to begin with, but I don’t think I’d be crazy about this wedding dress (with flowers flowers everywhere, no less) even if it had a uniform length skirt. I’m going with hate on this one – even if I could see it looking rather pretty on the right bride. Yes, I can hate something and still admit it’s pretty. What do you think? Too busy, or awesome in a Flamenco-meets-Broadway kind of way?

Wedding Fashion and Things I Do Not Understand

Fashion is fashion, and for the most part, it’s its own animal that’s only tangentially related to what most of us actually wear. That’s true for wedding fashion, too, which means that every season, alongside all the gorgeous wedding gowns, we get to point and snicker at some really edgy wedding dresses, unusual wedding gowns, and wacky bridesmaids dresses. But isn’t that part of what makes fashion fun? I collected a whole bunch of photos of 2011 and 2012 wedding dresses that illustrate various trends – or circular fads – that make me scratch my head. Have a look and when you’re done, tell us what wedding fashions make you go “Huh?”

Late 70s disco chic clubwear wedding gown what? (Alan Hannah Spring 2012)

How things like sheer bridal mumus make it into shows (Oscar De La Renta Bridal Spring 2012)

Crazy fringe... crazy MISPLACED fringe (Inmaculada García 2011)

Continue Reading…

2012 Marks Another Bow Migration

Every few years, bows make a comeback. Sometimes it’s on gowns for brides, sometimes it’s on frocks for bridesmaids, but like clockwork, the bows always find their way into this or that season’s dresses as if they haven’t already been done to death. And just recently a little birdie whispered in my ear that the 2012 wedding dress trends included, you guessed it, bows. I have a funny fascination with bows that began the first time I saw a giant bow placed smack dab on a bust as if the breasts concealed underneath were a gift waiting to be unwrapped. Very naughty, really.

Want to see some of the 2012 bows? (And where they’ve ended up this go around, which includes the entirety of the torso and back, waist and bust, sometimes turned completely to the side.) Your wish is my command!

Spring 2012 by Douglas Hannant

Spring 2012 by Vera Wang

Spring 2012 by Tara Keely

Spring 2012 by Alan Hannah

Aaaand another example of classic Vera (along with the classic Vera model)

What do you think? Bows, yes or omigosh no?

Tearful Brides? Not Hardly!

No tears here!

A while back I asked all of your lovely ladies and gents which of you cried at your weddings or anticipated crying at your weddings, and the results were pretty interesting. 61% of the unmarried set thought they’d cry, while 63% of people who were actually married DID NOT actually cry. So it seems that a lot of us think we’re going to cry while we say our vows, but not all that many of us actually do.

Me? I laughed. At my own inability to read the bit of paper that held my vows. Oops! And I’ve seen plenty of brides and grooms do the same. I like to hear a little laughter during the wedding vows – it certainly makes things more interesting for guests. And in the spirit of my love of laughter during wedding ceremonies, I’m putting up a new poll modeled after the crying at weddings survey.

For those not yet married:

For those already married:

Don’t see yourself laughing during wedding vows because it’s so solemn an occasion? Maybe you won’t laugh, but don’t discount the possibility! As solemn as you may think you’ll be feeling, a case of the giggles can come on without warning. So former brides and grooms, if you were a laugher, I’d love to know what made you laugh!