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Build your own engagement diamond ring

Crystal Book

Price: 69.95

A wedding story written on a crystal book is priceless. This fine crystal is a refined version of a standard bound book. Have the bride's and groom's names crystal edge with a short message. Describe how you met or a love poem displaying your affection for one another. Be the storyteller for your special day and never be lost for words. Thank your guest for being a part of your wedding by giving them these priceless gifts.

Wedding Bud Vase

Price: 6.95

Thank each guest with a keepsake to remember your special event. They make a great center piece during the reception. Add your own flowers to fit the mood of your day. Thank each guest with a keepsake to remember your special event.

Magnet Bouquet Basket

Price: 2.39

What better way to have your guest remember your special day than with this favor? These miniature wicker baskets are nestled with a bouquet of miniature rosebuds on a bed of delicate netting and tied together with a feather edge ribbon. Attached to the back of each basket is a small magnet that allows these favors to be placed on a refrigerator. These magnets will stick with your forever.

Bridal Coffee Scoop

Price: 2.29

Coffee lovers will thank you for giving them such a great keepsake they can use every day. Made of plated silver, these coffee scoops measures out one scoop of your favorite coffee for one brew. Adorned on the handle is a sheer organdy ribbon tied elegantly into a bow. Personalize a special message with our confetti card.


Price: 0.59


The Perfect Pear Box

Price: 2.55

The perfect pear candle - Perfect Pair

Rope Wedding Bell

Price: 1.15

One of our exclusive designs, these rope wedding bells are a must have for any wedding. Ring these bells for the newlyweds on their wedding day. Each bell is adorned with a lovely rope and accented with a glitter edge satin ribbon. Personalize the ribbon to add a special touch. These miniature wedding bells symbolizes the union of the couple and are also great long after the wedding is over. Your guest can save them to be used as ornaments for the holidays each year.

The Perfect Pear Box

Price: 2.55

Adorable and unique is this mini pear candle nestled on a bed of natural wood grass in a clear bon bon box. The box is decorated with a delicate satin ribbon. Each pear measures 2 in diameter. Let your guest know you are the perfect pair.

Chinese Ribbon Wood Fan

Price: 1.99

A summer day is not complete without a fan to weather out the warm air. Now your guests can keep cool at your wedding with these natural sandalwood fans adorned with a satin ribbon. Each fan is intricately designed with a filigree pattern throughout each panel.

White Candle Bead Organdy Bag

Price: 3.59

A white and ivory color theme has become quite popular in today's wedding. These favors are a perfect match with a votive candle nicely embedded in a white ceramic votive holder. Each candle sits in a sheer ivory organdy pouch with pearls of mini beads scattered throughout. The candle has a vanilla scent and can make an elegant evening.

Organdy Ribbon Silver Bells

Price: 2.79

A perfect solution to get the Bride and Groom to kiss during the reception. No more hitting of the silverware on the plates. Now, have guest ring these bells instead to evocate the couples love. These silver plated hand bells are adorned with a lovely sheer organza ribbon. Personalize each bell with a confetti card so guest can remember the special day.

Silver Asian Cookie Takeout Box

Price: 14.97

Spread your good fortunes with this silver plated fortune cookie nestled in a clear or frosted Chinese takeout box with a satin ribbon handle. Great on each place setting during a reception for a special Asian flair. The silver cookie can be engraved to make it extra special. In addition, you can add your own message inside the cookie to reveal a fortune for your guest to read.

BeadBag Wine Stoppers

Price: 12.95

Wine enthusiast will love these elegant favors. A silver wine stopper nestled in a sheer organdy beaded bag. It is perfect for a wine theme wedding to add a touch of sophistication. Each wine stopper is plated silver with either a heart or conical motif and has a rubber grip surface to ensure that your wine is well corked.

Chinese Wood Chopsticks

Price: 12.97

Chopsticks are the trademark of all Asian cultures and are known for their great functionality of how two sticks work together as one. These chopsticks give a twist to the traditional chopsticks, with each end plated with silver and resting on a matching silver holder. Give your guest these elegant favors to symbolize the union of two people. Have the name of the couple engraved on one chopstick and the date on the other.

Seashell Potpourri Tin Pail

Price: 3.55

Playful are these mini pails filled with scented potpourri seashells. Great for a beach theme wedding. These favors are elegantly adorned with a satin ribbon and inside are small droplets of blue beads and seashell potpourri infused with an Sea Breeze fragrant. You can also get the potpourri seashells in ivory. The potpourri are individually wrapped with a tulle netting and nestled on a bed of natural wood grass. Pail comes in white or silver/grey.

Bridal Coffee Pack

Price: 1.97

The smell of fresh coffee brewing is a comforting aroma whether one is a coffee connoisseur or not. Let your guest savor that sensation when they open these bridal coffee packs the morning after your wedding. Comes in "A Perfect Blend" or "Romantic Roast". Each pack is good to make one full pot. Exclusively composed of a Columbian Blend.

Bridal Tulle Porcelain Cups

Price: 3.55

Personalize it with a note "Love is Brewing". Enjoy old world charm of sipping coffee or tea from these adorable mini porcelain cups. These cups have a European style influence and is made of fine porcelain. Included is a bundle of classy treats in a delicate tulle. Place the treats next to these porcelain cups for your guest to enjoy. May we suggest our signature 4X4 white gift box to present this bridal tulle porcelain cup for your guest.

Seashell Potpourri Beach Heart

Price: 15.97

This exquisite glass heart trinket box is filled inside with aromatic potpourri beads with seashells and rock inclusions. Select "Blue Tide Pools (blue potpourri)" or "Tie The Knot (ivory potpourri)" and engrave it with a special note to give your guest or bridal party.

Tea Light Candle Soap Petal Vase

Price: 18.95

This favor is unique and stunning, made of glass and plated silver. Filled inside are fragrant soap petals in colors of light pink and dark pink, displaying a romantic ambience. A white tea light is included which is nestled on the top of the cylinder and a vibrant red bow adorns the glass. Cluster a few together and light the candle to form a beautiful centerpiece or give one to each guest as a gracious thank you gift.

Silver Bucket Tassle Candles

Price: 9.95

These adorable mini buckets are plated silver with a clear white votive candle nestled inside. Each is covered by a lid adorned with a sassy multicolored tassel. Set one on each place setting to creatively thank your guest.

The Perfect Salt & Pepper Pair

Price: 6.55

"You Spice Up My Life" or "The Perfect Pair". Inside the box are salt and pepper shakers nestled on a bed of natural wood grass. These elegant salt and pepper shakers will spice up meals for years to come and make those special memories last. The clear acetate box is decorated with a delicate satin ribbon and can be personalized with a card. It's the perfect pair keepsake that will keep memories lasting forever. Each pear measures 1-3/4"H in diameter and 2-1/2 in height.

Round Crystal Diamond

Price: 29.95

A diamond is forever some may say. Our fabulous crystal diamond replicates the natural gem in its wonders of the four C's: Color, Clarity, Carat, and Cut. It is crystal clear in clarity and color, the total weight in carats, one can only dream, and the cut is brilliant! Give this exquisite crystal diamond to your guest to say how precious they are for attending your wedding.

White Wedding Heart Silver Bells

Price: 9.95

A beautifully designed silver plated wedding bell with 2 hearts symbolizing the joining of two people. Each silver bell is tied with a satin ribbon. Your guest can ring these silver wedding bells on your special occasion. The bell can be engraved with a special message to remember your special day.

Wedding Cake Boxes

Price: 2.59

With this decorative favor set, now your guest can take a slice of cake home figuratively speaking.. Imported directly from Italy, these off-white embossed box is a replica of a slice of cake, with each slice wrapped with a satin ribbon and accented with an ivory flower. Filled inside are candies. Display the boxes in a circular pattern to form a two tiered cake. Makes a beautiful presentation as a centerpiece for each table.

Silver Chinese Fortune Cookie

Price: 13.95

Give the fortune of luck to your guest as a memorable keepsake. This is the perfect classy Asian decor to for any occasion. Add your own personalized note for the guest to read. Engraving can also be done directly on the cookie itself.

Mini Picture Frame Keychain

Price: 16.95

Carry your memories of your love ones in this mini book style keychain frame. These key chains can be opened to view two small photos. Engrave a special message or name on the cover.

Bachelors Cooler

Price: 19.95

Keep a cool drink cold and insulated with this silver cup holder. These holders are fashionably designed with a stylish trimming on the rim and a cushion insulator inside. Customize one with a name or message to thank your guest.

Blooming Flower Purse Set

Price: 59.95

Your Bridal Party will love this full bloom one of a kind purse set. Made of freshly pressed flowers embedded in a translucent background. It is entirely handmade so no two purses are the same. Has a opening flap with a snap closure. This purse is great for casual days in the park or a night out in the town. A colorful brocade mini notebook, an elegant engravable mirror, and a round tin of after dinner mints are all included. Everything a girl needs to be ready and on the go.

Be Mine Heart Soap Box

Price: 2.59

"Be Mine" forever! Impress the guests with these heart soap favors on your wedding day. Each soap is triple milled with a light rose fragrance and is vegetable based. The soaps are placed in an acetate clear bon bon box and accented with a satin ribbon.

Soap Leaves Daisy Box

Price: 2.39

Let your guest take home these luxury soap petals encased in a clear hexagon box. Each box contains an assortment of dark and light soap petals which the box is decorated with a slender feather edge ribbon. Each favor is then topped with a real pressed flower daisy.

Disclaimer: Manolo the Shoeblogger is not Manolo Blahnik