The Running of the Brides

Manolo says, here is the amusing article on the chaos that is the annual Filene’s Basement bridal sale, this one held in the Pittsburgh last Friday.

Friday marked Filene’s annual Bridal Gown Sale – jokingly referred to by some as “the running of the brides” – and well before sunrise the wedding-bargain hunters already were queuing outside.

By 7:45 a.m., there must have been more than a hundred, including moms, grooms, maids of honor, future mothers-in-law, friends, and loved ones of every description. Some “teams” wore bright matching hats, scarves, and even purple bunny ears to help them distinguish each other from everyone else in the trenches.

At 7:50 a.m., some 10 minutes before the doors would open, they broke out in a determined chant: “Let us in! Let us in!”

On the other side of the doors were 1,400 wedding dresses priced at a drastic markdown. The sale lasts one day only, and dresses are non-returnable, but the prices are right.

Gowns once priced at $800-$8,000 were tagged at $249-$699. Because of a strict agreement between Filene’s Basement and its vendors, the gowns’ brand names can’t be advertised, but some of them are straight from the studios of swanky bridal ateliers from both sides of the Atlantic.

Manolo says, you must read the whole article to get the proper flavor of the brides gone mad with the shopping frenzy.

Here is also the article on the Running of the Brides in the New York

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