More for the dudes

There are, among the ranks of the engaged, men who would rather take an active role in the wedding planning process rather than just let their intendeds tell them when and where to show up. I do hope The Beard will be such a fiancé (when it’s official) because too much planning tends to stress me out.

However, most grooms-to-be know as much about wedding planning as most brides to be, which is nil. Brides-to-be, of course, can choose from hundreds of wedding planning books. Books that are often devoted to lace and flounce and princess dresses and what to do if you get cramps during the ceremony. Guys might want something a little more practical, a little less pink, and a lot more manly.

The Engaged Groom : You\'re Getting Married. Read this Book.

The Engaged Groom is a great guide for groom-to-be’s who want to take an active role. It can help guys play to their strengths. And it has some great real life stories and talks a bit about less conventional choices grooms can make.

Pocket Idiot\'s Guide to Being a Groom, 2E (Pocket Idiot\'s Guide)

The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Being a Groom educates groom-to-be’s on everything from choosing attendants to hiring a photographer to just about everything else. It covers the basics and can be a good choice for those guys who never really thought about weddings until the day they popped the question.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to buy such a book for your intended. Inside, he may find the answer to the questions he’s been afraid to ask.

3 Responses to “More for the dudes”

  1. jenny says:

    Erin, am I reading too much into “when it’s official”?….

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    I mean when there is officially a ring on my finger and we can begin the wedding planning process…um, those parts of the wedding planning process I haven’t already been taking care of in secret, that is.


  3. jenny says:

    Oh, my brain is like a sieve. I was having a moment where my wires got crossed. Please forgive me (now, and for any future stupid things I may say).