Some serious wedding don’ts

And now, a quick lesson on what not to do:

Don’t forget to put on your dress!
Lovely knickers but where\'s your gown?

Don’t take your wedding theme too far!
What will mother think?

Don’t go overboard with funny cake toppers!
Old flames do not go hand in hand with weddings

Don’t get drunk at the reception!
Someone\'s going to be embarassed in the morning!

And finally, if you’re a guest with something to hide, don’t get drunk at all (.mov)!

12 Responses to “Some serious wedding don’ts”

  1. jenny says:

    Ew. Those little climbing-bridelet figurines are giving me the creeps. They’re swarming over that cake like demonic, possessed zombies; and from the way the “bride” is either a.) throwing a protective arm around her groom, or b.) clutching at his tux in terror, I gather she feels the same way about them. It’s like some kooky 1940’s low-budget horror movie come to life!

    About spilling the beans while drunk: I don’t even drink, and I still have a deep-seated fear of telling some awful/intensely private secret while under the influence of…oh, I dunno…sleep, heavy medication, you name it.

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    jenny: What makes those little figurines equally gross is the fact that you can see all the way of the skirt of one of them. An un-family-friendly wedding cake!

  3. Annalucia says:

    As to the second photo, the Annalucia *most sincerely* hopes that this was taken at a burlesque show and not at a wedding. Otherwise she will have to believe that (1) the bride is old enough to be the mother of the groom or (2) the woman is, in fact, either the mother or the mother-in-law of the young man, in which case the Annalucia will have to go soak her eyeballs in the Lysol before she recovers from such a grisly sight.

  4. jenny says:

    Shows how little I know: I was just assuming that the two in photo #2 were both men. No offense intended, I’m sure…[ahem]

  5. Twistie says:

    Actually, if #2 is what I think it is, it’s either a stage production of The Rocky Horror Show, or the floorshow at a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The number in question would be I Can Make You a Man, and yes, unless there’s been some non-traditional casting, both of them would be men. That’s Dr. Frank N. Furter and his creation Rocky.

    Then again, it’s possible someone out there had a Rocky Horror wedding. Some of the fans get a tidge…obsessive. ; )

  6. la petite chou chou says:

    *shudder* Rocky Horror Picture Show….blech….

  7. Gigolo Kitty says:

    That movie was just too hysterical. Was that staged? It seems too good to be true!

  8. Never teh Bride says:

    Twistie’s got it :-)!

  9. Twistie says:

    Rocky Horror started as a stage show, Gigilo Kitty. It’s been revived on Broadway and in the West End several times.

    Yeah, I spent too much of my misspent youth being obssessed with Rocky Horror. I still love it.

    Meatloaf again?!

  10. Myself, I have visions of the most fabulous Rocky Horror Wedding now. *sigh*

  11. Heather says:

    LoL!!! I agree! Rocky Horror weddings for ALL! *cheer*

  12. Crissy says:

    How could I purchase the Funny Wedding Topper where it has brides all over the cake??