A weighty matter


I obviously couldn’t show you a picture of my chosen gown before the wedding, as my people critical to my then impending matrimony (read: The Beard) glance now and again at this blog. And I currently can’t show you a pic of me wearing my gown as I am in possession of only a handful of photos. Oddly enough, I can’t even link to a proper web page for my gown, as shortly after it arrived at my home stuffed in a box that seemed far too small to contain it, Bonny stopped selling it!

So my gown (Bonny Essence style #8504), which is likely just now being cleaned and pressed by a charity that gives needy brides something to wear, was a tip of the shoulder corseted French taffeta number in a color called “sand” with a ribbon embroidered lace overlay. The bodice was also about fourteen layers thick, which later led to the issue I’ll mention briefly below. The back of the skirt had a sort of built in bustle with rosette appliques that served no purpose during the actual bustling process.

Boy, did I loooooooooooooove wearing my gown! I felt all swishy and pretty in it, which is pretty much the point.

The problem? I ordered it way too far in advance. If I could go back and do something differently, I’d now know that House of Bride’s estimated delivery date of 16 weeks actually translates into a two-week transit time. That’s right. I ordered my gown…and two weeks later it was on my doorstep. Which left me storing my gown in a pricey museum quality garment bag for months in the very closet I share with the Beard. Oh, and there was another issue. I unintentionally lost weight. Those 14 layers of fabric I mentioned earlier could only be altered down so much before warping. Even though the very top fit (thanks, boobs), the rest of it had to be taken in considerably.

If the copious wind that was a part of my wedding day had blown me into the ocean, I would have had no problems staying afloat, being that there were two neatly-placed air pockets on either side of my waist where the gown couldn’t be taken in any further. Bridal bootcampers take note — meet your goal weight before buying your gown!

9 Responses to “A weighty matter”

  1. Dianasaur says:

    I hear you! I found out a few weeks ago I have mono, and that’s caused me to lose some weight. Fortunately my mom is making my dress and is waiting to finish sewing it together until next month (1 month before wedding) so hopefully I can gain some of my curves back!

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    Eep, mono! Feel better soon, Dianasaur!

  3. Twistie says:

    Oh, Dianasaur! I hope you feel better soon.

    NtB, that’s a gorgeous gown! How fabulous you must have felt. and yikes! to storing it in a closet you shared with The Beard! LOL! That must have been nervewracking.

  4. Never teh Bride says:

    Eh, I put a note on it that said, “No peeking,” and the Beard is not much of a peeker anyway 🙂

  5. C* says:

    Mono is no fun…feel better Dinosaur! I am ordering my dress this week for my September wedding. I have been losing weight (on purpose!) like crazy and I was terrified of buying a dress and having it be too big to alter.

    That is a gorgeous gown NtB. Simply beautiful.

  6. Chapstick Addict. says:

    I stupidly bought my gown almost a year before my wedding, even though I was actively trying to lose weight. At my first fitting the dress literally fell off me. But David’s Bridal was awesome about letting me exchange the dress for one in a smaller size (even letting me switch from off-white to white, too!) and it came in less than a month. When it arrived I opened up the bag to make sure it was the right dress and when I closed it again the zipper fell right off, essentially sealing the bag until I could go to the David’s and get a new bag. Since the dress was going to remain in my hall closet in the apartment I share with the fiancee until my fitting, I didn’t bother getting a new bag until then. Even though he might have had the desire to peek, he was completely unable to do so.

  7. Pencils says:

    Lovely gown, NtB! Looks rather like mine, with more skirt. I ordered my gown in a size that fit but was kinda tight, knowing that I’d gained about ten pounds and thinking I’d have no problem losing them. Well, uh…I lost about three. (I lost more than 100 pounds a few years ago, so I thought it would be no big deal, but I’ve been ill and I haven’t been able to exercise.) So my gown is tight, but it still looks good, and even though I’m a 38DD, I’m not wearing anything under it on top, it holds me up better than any of my bras. The very expensive merry widow I bought doesn’t fit under it, and the seamstress said there was no point in sewing in cups. I pick it up Wednesday! Can’t wait, I adore my gown.

    Can I ask where you donated your gown? I’m thinking of doing it myself, if I can bear to give it up.

  8. Never teh Bride says:

    Pencils, let me get back to you on that as it is my gram who is handling the donation for me!

  9. Lise in NJ says:

    Utterly fabulous gown — the stuff of dreams. I’ve been enjoying your personal stories very much indeed.