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Two (more) ways to help

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Not every bride or bridesmaid donates her dress, but I’m going to say that there are only a handful of people out there who think that dress donation is a bad idea. You can donate it to someone you know, to your place of worship, or to a girl in need of a prom dress. Or you could choose one of these interesting options:


Heavenly Angels In Need accepts donations of wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and prom dresses. They then make said formalwear into beautiful burial gowns that are given to parents who have just lost babies.


Win yourself some free bridal porn

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

ACHTUNG! Tidbits on Weddings by Socialites, a blog headed up by planner Kelly McWilliams, is giving away a year’s worth of wedding inspiration! All you have to do to enter to win a year-long subscription to four popular bridal mags is visit the specific post I linked to in the latter part of the previous sentence and leave a comment with your name and blog or e-mail address. Or just e-mail Kelly your name and e-mail address at Good luck!

Not just green, not just beautiful

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Jade is one of the few gemstones that wasn’t initially revered for its beauty. In prehistoric times, its toughness and ability to withstand blows made it an ideal toolmaking material. But even if jade’s value runs more than skin deep, you have to admit that it’s pretty awesome looking.

We tend to associated it with the color green, but jade comes in white, gray, black, yellow, pink, orange, and violet incarnations. The “creaminess” of certain jades makes the stone pop when paired with gold, yet it remains understated enough to compliment almost any wedding gown without taking away from its thunder.

Jade Drop EarringsGreen Jade Scroll Ring
Jade Flower NecklaceJade Dangling Bead Earrings

I reeeeaaaaally want that ring, but I’m saving for a house and thus can’t have it. *sniff* Had I found it a couple of months ago when I had a pre-nuptial license to spend, there’s a good chance I would have worn it on my wedding day!

Get on board the crazy train

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Long trains can add a lot of glam to an otherwise plain gown. A too-long train is an accident waiting to happen, however. Especially when the bride and groom are standing up in an open-topped automobile winding its way down a busy street with an entourage of train-toters in tow.


The movement-impeding train you see before you was attached to a $13,000 wedding dress that took 10 tailors 45 days to make. Twenty people had to escort the blushing Southern Chinese bride from place to place, lest she faint from exertion or fall over backward.

I’m pretty sure that at 90 feet, this is the second longest train I’ve ever showcased. Princess Di’s train was a mere 25 feet long. Remember Lana of the $1.5 million wedding? Her train was only 40 feet long. However, the longest train I’ve shown thus far was a 99 meter long train and the longest I’ve mentioned in passing was the whopping 670 foot train that required a carrying crew of 186 bridemaids and page boys. Can you say, “Overboard?”

A bridal ballet

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Being a dancer myself, I couldn’t help buy get excited when I came across an old article in some dance magazine about Canadian designer Justina McCaffrey‘s use of ballerinas from the National Ballet of Canada as models. Her spring 2007 “Majestic” collection was presented on the 2006 NYC Bridal Market runway by dancers Leslie Schroeter, Krista Dowson, Tamara Jones and Juri Hiraoka, as well as second soloists Julie Hay and Bridgett Zehr and principal Heather Ogden.


Doesn’t that just make a smashing impression? I don’t practice ballet any longer being a tap fanatic myself, but I can certainly appreciate the overlap between weddings and ballet. Just about the only place you can find all the lace and pomp that shows up in most weddings is at the ballet! I heartily recommend that you go check out her collections, as they are utterly gorgeous.

The Day’s Aside: I’m currently flipping my way through The Greatest Weddings of All Time, which is a fun look at the details of high-profile celebrity weddings. And I just finished Bachelor Party Confidential by David Boyer — expect a review in a few days.

Saying “I do” under a tropical sun

Monday, June 25th, 2007


It’s hot and the weather report says it’s only going to get hotter. So why am I stuck inside with nothing but a desk fan and three needy cats to keep me company? Mostly because the money is good. But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about an island paradise somewhere where I can wear a sarong in good conscience and put a flower in my hair. If your perfect wedding sounds something like that, why not get in touch with Island Importer? They will custom make your oh-so-tropical nuptials dreams come true with custom bridal and bridesmaid dresses, menswear, and accessories.

The Day’s Aside: Want to sweeten up your guests on the day of your wedding without spending big bucks? Incorporate Jelly Belly flavors that match your wedding colors into your favors. Me, I would have gone for toasted marshmallow and buttered popcorn, but I’m gross like that.

The $1.13 invitation

Friday, June 22nd, 2007


Most brides expect to drop plenty of cash on pre-nuptial postage, which makes sense considering that so many wedding invitations are outsized and overstuffed. I even had to pay quite a bit extra to mail my invitations as they were too small to be properly read by the USPS sorting machines. But who woulda thunk that orienting the stamps and destination on your envelope incorrectly could turn a $.41 letter into a $1.13 letter?

Alison found this out the hard way, according to Boing Boing.

I’m getting married at the end of the summer and am using a lovely red No 10 standard size envelope. The problem is that I decide to get funky. Instead of addressing the envelopes normally, I decided to orient the envelope vertically and put the stamp at the top (what would be the lower right-hand corner in a normal horizontal envelope).

Since the envelope is still the same size, I mistakenly thought that the postage would be 41 cents. Oh how I was wrong! My invitations all came back to me asking for 17 more cents. I brought them back to the post office, where the surprisingly friendly staff explained that since the simple act of spinning my envelope 90 degrees increased my postage to 58 cents.

But that’s not the end of the story…apparently, Alison was lucky that her invitations made it to their destinations. All but one, that is. When she returned to her local post office to ask what gives, she was told that postage should have been $1.13 on all of her invitations. In the end, she only had to shell out the extra $.58 for one invitation, but she could have prevented a whole mess of confusion by bringing one invitation to the PO to have it weighed and priced. That’s how I found out that I’d have to pay extra for my itty-bitty envelopes! It’s just a good way to prevent one more stressful surprise from rearing its ugly head in the days before your impending marriage.

The Day’s Aside:

Like the envelope above? It comes from Greer, a lovely paper shop based out of Chicago. In addition to their totally sweet invitations and stationary, they also offer a unique range of brilliantly-hued envelopes. Greer affixes 41 cents or more in vintage stamps to envelopes you can mail, as is. No extra postage required!