Not just green, not just beautiful

Jade is one of the few gemstones that wasn’t initially revered for its beauty. In prehistoric times, its toughness and ability to withstand blows made it an ideal toolmaking material. But even if jade’s value runs more than skin deep, you have to admit that it’s pretty awesome looking.

We tend to associated it with the color green, but jade comes in white, gray, black, yellow, pink, orange, and violet incarnations. The “creaminess” of certain jades makes the stone pop when paired with gold, yet it remains understated enough to compliment almost any wedding gown without taking away from its thunder.

Jade Drop EarringsGreen Jade Scroll Ring
Jade Flower NecklaceJade Dangling Bead Earrings

I reeeeaaaaally want that ring, but I’m saving for a house and thus can’t have it. *sniff* Had I found it a couple of months ago when I had a pre-nuptial license to spend, there’s a good chance I would have worn it on my wedding day!

4 Responses to “Not just green, not just beautiful”

  1. lazydaisy says:

    I’m swooning over that necklace!

  2. Twistie says:

    I want both pairs of earrings. Yum.

    Jade is gorgeous.

  3. Never teh Bride says:

    You know, as an aside, looking at all of the jewelry I check out always makes me wish I’d done something differently or worn something different. But I don’t think I really regret anything. Weird, right? Anyone else feel like this after the fact?

  4. Ninjarina says:

    Jade makes me feel so Asian lol

    My mother, like many Chinese women, wears a single, simple jade bangle. It’s quite pretty by itself but I see others w/ gold clasps and it really makes a difference.