You must be the bride’s “younger sister”

In the Christina’s universe…

She is, er, one hot mamma

…this is appropriate MOB/MOG garb.

5 Responses to “You must be the bride’s “younger sister””

  1. Lynn says:

    Maybe if your mom is Lorelai Gilmore, sure. The idea of my mother-in-law squeezing into this will haunt me the rest of the day, thanks.

  2. LadyT says:

    OMG! that is one tuff dress! screw MOB! i’d wear this one for myself. though it is extremely figure conscious. neither i or the MOB or MOG would be able to pull this off without looking a hot mess! lol.

    gorgeous dress though.

  3. JaneC says:

    Ditto on the Lorelai Gilmore remark. My mother and my groom’s mother are both of the ready-to-be-a-grandma physical type more than the bride’s-younger-sister physical type, and the thought of either of them trying to get into a dress like that…eek. If your mother works out three days a week and only weighs ten pounds more than she did at the age of 18, well, go for it, but hardly any mothers of the bride or groom fit in that category.

    And it is so, so hard for moms to find a dress that isn’t as above, or dumpy and more fit for someone who’s 75 and wears jumpers in her everyday life than someone who’s 55 and wears pantsuits to work. Took my mom four months–she finally ended up with a skirt and matching jacket in burgundy velvet.

  4. Pencils says:

    My mom would have looked incredible in that dress in 1962. But that was a long time ago. Hell, I couldn’t wear that dress now without looking like a poor imitation of Jayne Mansfield. 😛

    My mom did find a pretty, affordable, flattering dress to wear to my wedding, but it took her a while.

  5. Nony Mouse says:

    I’m in absolute awe.
    A dress that could be absolutely stunning in pictures taken from the waist up, and yet so reminescent of gangrenous boils when viewed from head to toe I never hoped to find.