The sweetest of all rings?

When people around me are talking about engagement rings, I always like to say that I wouldn’t have cared if The Beard had gotten me a Ring Pop. Being that he didn’t propose with a ring, it wouldn’t have made much difference, and I (unlike a lot of people, I’m sure) would have thought it was cute. Very Beard-ish, in fact.

But if you’re going to go the Ring Pop route, you may want to think about springing for the upgrade. What’s one step up from a supermarket candy jewel? A Candy-Glam ring by Escriba, of course!

Looks good enough to eat, amirite?
Which is fine, because you can actually eat them

Christian Escriba’s candy rings are the stuff of a sugar addict’s fantasies. Okay, so maybe they wouldn’t make the best tokens of love–unless, of course, your SO has a sense of humor like my own–but they could make fun gifts for a bridesmaid or flower girl, or even a cool wedding favor. Much better, in my opinion, than the giant novelty rings you occasionally come across.

5 Responses to “The sweetest of all rings?”

  1. Twistie says:

    NtB, you and I are being twins again. I would have loved one of these rings. They’re fun, and ever so sweet.

  2. Never teh Bride says:

    If I ever figure out where to get one, we can buy them for each other 😉

  3. Twistie says:

    Would we have to go to Canada? ‘Cause I want another excuse to visit that country.

  4. daisyj says:

    But, what flavor are they? Because the guy who gives me a ring that tastes like cherry cough syrup is gonna be in big trouble (and let’s not even talk about licorice).

  5. JaneC says:

    I would have shrieked with laughter if Mr. Jane had presented me with one of those. He did get me an actual ring, but it would have been very like him to have gotten me one of those instead of or in addition to the real ring, especially considering that the first time we went to a dance together he showed up at my dorm room door carrying a bouquet of fluorescent plush flowers with smiley faces. I still have the flowers–they sit on the dresser in my walk-in closet because they sort of clash with my room decor, but it makes me happy to look at them when I get dressed in the morning.