The Wonderful World of Bridal Blogging

Since the fabulous Never teh Bride finds herself without access to Word Press today, you guys get another day of Twistieness this week. Let’s all wish NtB a fabulous day sort-of-off and get down to business.

There have been some great posts of late out there in the bridal world, and I thought I’d point you in the direction of a couple of stand outs. First on the list is not from a bridal blog. It’s from Shapely Prose, where Fillyjonk has written an excellent article on the difficulties brides of size find in getting what they need in bridal salons and how to bypass the Wedding Industrial Complex to get a great wedding outfit. FJ, I’m totally stealing the term Wedding Industrial Complex.

Nina’s Weddings Blog has some great advice for the bride who wants to make her own wedding cake. This is meant for someone who is already an experienced home baker, but it definitely takes some of the mystery and terror out of the concept. Trust me, if you can make a nice cake, you can make a simple wedding cake. She’s also got a link to another blog with an even simpler plan that sounds delicious.

The Engaged Guy gives us a timely reminder that sometimes even the groom has trouble getting the outfit he wants. Luckily, the story has a happy ending.

iDo Sugar discusses a…er…somewhat…specialized and painfully intimate bridal beauty product. This is probably not work safe and definitely not for the faint of heart. All I know is I’m glad nobody thought of it before and I really wonder what the hell prompted anyone to think of it now.

A Practical Wedding showcases a lovely, elegant small wedding held at a lighthouse in Sausalito, CA. Gorgeous and dignified.

A Little of This, A Little of That
asks a question that had definitely been haunting me of late in light of seeing too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. I don’t know if an answer has been found, but the question definitely needed asking.

NtB will be back on the job tomorrow, so I’ll see all you guys next weekend!

5 Responses to “The Wonderful World of Bridal Blogging”

  1. blablover5 says:

    I adore Shapely Prose, and I wish more people would point out to the wedding dress industry just how impossible they make it for women above a mythical size 6-8 to find a wedding dress.

  2. Fillyjonk says:

    FJ, I’m totally stealing the term Wedding Industrial Complex.

    I cannot take credit… it’s the standard term over at IndieBride.

  3. Kelly says:

    look at me getting a mention on this blog! Thanks, Twistie!

    Maybe the jury is still out, but the dress is horrible, IMO.

  4. Thanks again for covering for me, Twistie! You rock my socks!

  5. Twistie says:

    Fillyjonk, clearly I need to spend more time at IndieBride…and I’m still totally using the term from now on.

    Kelly, when I saw your entry, I was stunned that it had never ocurred to me to ask the same question publicly that I’d been bemoaning in my own living room for months. That gown is beyond Godawful, and bride after bride tried it on and oohed and ahhed and even aged grandmothers dabbed sentimentally at their eyes over what I mentally dubbed the Vegas Crackhead Hooker Gown. What were those women on?

    NtB, any old time you need it! My socks, they are rocked by you, too! (basks in warm glow of mutual admiration society)