An unabashedly super cake

I don’t know what it is about the Nintendo themed cakes that I love so much. I’m guessing it’s a nostalgia thing, seeing as that I spent most of elementary school with a NES controller in my hands. We’ve featured a Super Mario Bros. cake and a stacked console cake, and now my good friend Miller found a Super Mario Kart/Super Mario Galaxy cake!

According to the Flickr set, the entirety of this amazing confection is edible, from the chocolate decadence cake itself to the Piranha Plants and turtle shells. The couple who chose this as their dessert centerpiece both play video games, and they chose Let The Eat Cake in Costa Mesa, California to do the honors.

Having a friendly and easy to work with baker was… well the frosting on the cake. We felt we made the right choice in choosing Beth for our Mario cake when on the way out of the bakery we heard her ring tone, it was the Super Mario Bros. theme.

I love it, though I have to say that I’d be a little afraid of damaging it while dismantling it to cut and serve.

5 Responses to “An unabashedly super cake”

  1. Twistie says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the art that can be created out of cake. (boggles) And yay! for having everything on the cake edible!

    I have to say, the way this couple found their perfect baker reminds me of how Mr. Twistie and I got the perfect officient. I’d called the County Clerk’s office to see who was on wedding duty on our date. He wasn’t in the office, so they gave me his home number and told me to go ahead and call him there. As it turned out, his lady answered the phone. While she went to get him I was enjoying the music in the background and trying to place the album because I knew I’d heard it before.

    When he got to the phone I told him I’d really enjoyed the hold music. He laughed and sounded a little sheepish when he said: “It’s the Chieftans’ Christmas album. I don’t know why we’re listening to it in February.”

    So…Chirstmas music which was always a huge thing in my family, Celtic in nature when our wedding was going to have a lot of Scottish touches…and he’s playing it in February. Mr. Twistie and I are similarly likely to do as we please no matter what the calendar says. On top of that, the guy’s surname was ‘Odin.’ I sort of loved being married by the top god in the Norse pantheon. No religious blessing? Hah! We were married by Odin himself!

    It’s the little touches like that and the Super Mario hold music that tell you you’ve found just the right professional for you.

  2. Ms. 122 says:

    so. freaking. awesome!

  3. This is so detailed and amazing, I too would be afraid to cut into it!! How creative!

  4. Val says:

    I bet I’m freakin my boyfriend out sending him all these links to wedding stuff.
    At least once a week since I found this site I’ve sent him a link to something from here. I need to quit that before he thinks I’m nudging him or something.

    But I had to show him this one LOL. That’s too cute. I’m dying to know what else they had at their wedding.

  5. ira says:

    Its really creative.. people would probably think it’s not actually a cake!