Twistie’s Sunday Caption Madness: The ‘Toon Edition

You all know how this works by now. I post a picture that tickles my funny bone, you post your best captions for it in comments, and next saturday I declare a winner.

So, are you ready? Check this out:

On your mark…get set…snark!

9 Responses to “Twistie’s Sunday Caption Madness: The ‘Toon Edition”

  1. Jennie says:

    “OH Fantastic!” said Fiona. “The last ingrediants I needed for my famous Welsh Rarebit.”

  2. gemdiva says:

    Of all the many side effects of over indulging in tequila shooters on Saturday night, the after-party sidewalk crawl and cheery halucinations were by far Peggy Sue’s favorites.

  3. AmazonPrincess says:

    Who knew that cute animated forest creatures were such good dressmakers!

  4. sterlingspider says:

    Anna’s bridesmades suspected something was going awry when she started wearing her dress to sit around at the bus stop, but they knew the planning stress had finally broken her when she started talking about the woodland creatures who kept her company there.

  5. Jennred782 says:

    And as the bride was off in her own little world with all the woodland creatures. The groom was calling for a 5150 to have his new bride psychologically evaluated for annoucing that the birds and bunnys were all around her. An annulment was quickly filed.

  6. SusanC says:

    “Oh thank you all for my lovely dress!” Cinderella exclaimed, “I had no idea you were so talented with toilet paper and packaging popcorn.”

  7. De says:

    “Oh my little woodland friends! You’ve made me so glamorous….I’m sure nobody will notice that I’m missing my entire left arm! Oh Thank You Eversomuch!”

  8. seresy says:

    It was about that time that people started to wonder what was REALLY in Uncle John’s “special punch.”

  9. Fabrisse says:

    Thank you for volunteering.

    So, the first course will be lark pate, followed by rabbit stew, …