I was going to post a corpse bride or a zombie groom in honor of Halloween night, but the fabulous Toni found something far more frightening for me to post.


Agh! My eyes! Missy Quinn (16, she of the £100,000 wedding and £16,000 dress) is much scarier than anything I could have dredged up on such short notice.

Happy Halloween!

10 Responses to “BOO!”

  1. Twistie says:

    That is officially the scariest thing I’ve seen all day.

  2. Melissa B. says:

    I’ve got to say, if that’s all the fabric she received for her £16,000, she got ripped off.

  3. Jennie says:

    I thought **ZOMG**!! but then I saw her parental units. Gal gets trashy naturally. And if only the tasteful got married, then most of the celeb blogs would not exist. What’s scary is some “designer” had that dress made and found some scank to buy it!

  4. mcmiller says:

    Actually, after reading the whole story, it’s kind of sad. With no education and a predestined future of raising kids in a “caravan” (read, trailer) this is the first and last time in her life Missy will ever be truly honored and celebrated. Many brides talk about “their day” but most of them will have many other major life events to celebrate… this is kind of the beginning of the end for her. Her husband will probably start socking away money the second she has a girl child too, because he’s not going to be paying for anything beyond her wedding. It seems like her whole culture goes over the top for weddings because they are the only bright spot… maybe I’m reading too far into it though.

  5. MissPrism says:

    To Jennie: I don’t like the dress either but I see no need to insult this woman so personally.

  6. Melissa B.: That was pretty much my first thought. I would have asked for “half off.”

    Jennie: Her parents don’t look much older than she is — that, to me, is pretty scary!

    mcmiller: I think that’s part of the reason I’ve seen so many over-the-top taveller weddings in the news. From what I’ve read, it’s not always a cheerful or particularly easy lifestyle. It may very well be her and her parents’ one chance to really shine for all I know. Sad, indeed.

  7. JaneC says:

    The dress is in very poor taste, and the story is sad, but I’ve read several stories just like it before. For me, one of the other startling things about these weddings is that most of these travellers seem to be Roman Catholic, and they get married in Catholic churches. A lot of Catholic churches in the US have dress codes for weddings, and if I had shown up for my own wedding dressed like that, my priest would have refused to perform the ceremony. Perhaps they should consider spending a little of that money on more fabric rather than more crystals.

    Also, the mother said she was surprised that her daughter would get married at 16 “in this day and age,” but she herself got married at 16 and is now only 33. I’d hardly say that 17 years ago was a different day and age!

  8. La BellaDonna says:

    Mostly this is just … sad. I really think that this IS the one event in Missy’s life where the focus will be on her; a moment of celebration, followed by the inevitable children.

    Under the circumstances, I’m not going to snark. I’m certainly not going to snark if Missy’s taste does, in fact, accurately reflect that of her family, the people she knows, and the family into which she is marrying. That’s what’s generally known as one’s “culture”. No, it may not be mine, it may not be yours, it may not be that of most of the people reading about her wedding. That doesn’t make it wrong. Do I think the money could be better spent for the bride and groom? Yes, because I hail from a different culture. Do I think she got skinned by her designer? Yes, I do, because I could have made her something REALLY outstanding, for half the price – and it would have been just as showy.

  9. Except for the part about the church wedding, I thought this girl might be Roma (Romany? Gypsy?). In any case, the Roma marry very young and have extravagent weddings, if memory serves from reading Bury Me Standing about ten years ago. Still, even if it’s culturally correct, I think that 1) dropping out of school at 9, 2) marrying at 16 and 3) spending money you really don’t have on a lavish wedding are really, really bad ideas.

  10. tresa says:

    shes a lovly gerl with so mutch ahead of her now she wont be getting an education but sheel be getin to see the world? she realy did go through alot of hassel to marry him i kno them very well so GOOD LUCK missy and thomas xx