Your Wedding Five-a-Day: Artichokes

We’ve written about using fruit as reception centerpieces, sweets as wedding decor, and even diamonds as wedding cake embellishments. All in all, we’ve proven we like things that are as yummy as they are pretty, though we definitely recommend picking all gemstones out of your icing before serving your reception dessert. Today I want to put sweet things aside to show you some things you can do with veggies… specifically artichokes.

Using artichokes as wedding decor

Artichokes make splendid wedding table decorations for a number of reasons. They can stand up on their own, meaning they can hold a place card or a candle. And they are relatively dry when compared to, say, a cabbage or even a carrot, so you needn’t worry about drowning them in water when using them in centerpieces. You can even use artichokes in your bridal bouquet (as evidenced above), though beware that they add quite a bit of heft.

Sandra Lee, queen of the semi-homemade craft, suggests using artichokes thusly:

1. Group one small, one medium and one tall cylinder glass vase on a tabletop.

2. Stack whole artichokes inside, positioning some upright and some sideways to make an artful arrangement.

(However, she goes on to suggest that you can make gourmet mac & cheese using Kraft dinner, so feel free to disregard most of the advice found on her web site.)

5 Responses to “Your Wedding Five-a-Day: Artichokes”

  1. Anne says:

    Well this is a great idea. So fresh and so innovative. Love the lush green color too! Thanks for sharing.


  2. You’re very welcome, Anne. And right about it being fresh — I think that anything living (flowers, fruit, veggies) adds a certain degree of freshness to decor!

  3. What a great idea! Very green too!

  4. Whitney McDermott says:

    I love this idea and am considering it for my own wedding. It looks like you used smaller artichokes for the namecard holders. Do you have any idea on where I can get those?