For Bride and Groom by Fade

Want a wedding dress that falls outside of the mainstream, by which I mean really outside of the mainstream? Olivier Bobin (aka Fade) and Yoshiko Creations have you covered… mostly. Their For Bride and Groom wedding wear collection wavers between leaving plenty to the imagination and not leaving much at all to the imagination. Fade’s one nod to tradition is that almost all of his wedding dresses are white.

For Bride and Groom by Fade

Olivier Bobin\'s wedding dresses

Bobin\'s For Bride and Groom

The last wedding dress looks very much like what sat atop my Christmas tree this past December, except my angel only had one face. I think that if you took away some of the see-through elements and nixed the accessories (headgear, wings, etc.) you’d have some pretty interesting wedding dresses. Not the kind of dresses most people actually wear, mind you, but something fascinating to peer at as it saunters down a runway.

5 Responses to “For Bride and Groom by Fade”

  1. mkb says:

    That last one looks like an angel chestburster alien or something. Augh!

  2. blablover5 says:

    How do you not stare at the last ones chest?

    It feels like there’s a wormhole there and we can look through into some strange alien world full of bright white people.

  3. mkb: So the gown comes with its very own otherworldly offspring? Feature or bug… you decide.

    blablover5: A world populated by mimes!

  4. Twistie says:

    I think it looks like the late cojoined twin of the bride…but maybe that’s just me.

    At any rate, alien, angel, horror movie twin, or mime it’s damn disturbing.

  5. Craig says:

    The second one looks like she brought the alter with her…