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preowned wedding dresses

Wedding gowns are frequently budget busters, so wouldn’t it be lovely if you could get one for free? One bride-to-be who isn’t weirded out by the notion of wearing someone else’s wedding gown will be able to do just that, as Preownedweddingdresses is giving away $1,500 worth of secondhand designer gown. Until February 28, you can fill out the contest entry form once a day, and the winner will be selected on March 2.

You can win any wedding dress available for sale on Preownedweddingdresses, regardless of size, designer, or style. Basically, you choose the wedding dress you want if you win, and if it costs $1,500 or less, the site will buy it outright from the consignment seller. If it costs more, they’ll pay the seller $1,500 toward the dress, and all you have to do is pony up the difference.

Good luck!

4 Responses to “Win a Wedding Gown from”

  1. JILLIAN says:

    Winning a wedding gown is one thing, but winning a second hand wedding gown is quite another. Not sure if I’ll enter or not.

  2. maritza says:

    I think is a great contest. I’m on a budget and a free beautiful wedding dress will help a lot. WHo doesn’t want a Vera Wang dress raise their hand? I don’t care if someone used it before. Have u heard of thrift stores? As long as someone cleaned it and took care of it , is ok w/me. Thanks for letting us know of this contest

  3. Libby says:

    Awesome! Thanks for letting me know…I just went to their site – they have tons of sample and never worn gowns too…but I’ve got my heart set on a Lia I just found.

  4. Thanks for letting me know! The wedding dresses are gorgeous, and it would be amazing to get one for free. thanks!