A Wedding Favor For the Birds

They say that if you’re going to invite your wedding guests to chuck things at you after you get hitched, it should be birdseed. The old “rice is bad for birds” myth aside, birdseed is nice in theory because it attracts interesting wildlife. Of course, tell that to anyone whose driveway has become a repository for bird droppings or who has had to pick tiny bits of birdseed out of the lace of their wedding gown, and you might get a different opinion.

If you do like the idea of feeding the birds but don’t want to get pelted with seeds, consider another method of birdseed delivery. Nature Favors makes heart shaped birdseed favors that aren’t meant to be tossed at the newlyweds — in fact, they’re not meant to be tossed at all.


Each birdseed heart wedding favor is formed around a 12″ bamboo stick and tied with natural raffia ribbon (and there are birdseed hearts on strings, too) — according to the seller, they should be given to the birds within 30 days of purchase unless you’re planning on freezing them for pre-wedding storage.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how best to discourage guests from tossing anything at you and your new spouse on your wedding day, I’d suggest you do what The Beard and I did, which was not give our guests anything to toss!

4 Responses to “A Wedding Favor For the Birds”

  1. love these!!!

    but you are right, tossing was out for me as well…

    we did bubbles…

  2. Twistie says:

    I hate having things tossed at me (or actually, as it worked out being pelted at close range with birdseed which freaking HURT), so I didn’t arrange for anything to throw.

    Alas, the best man’s wife and sister armed the guests. It remains my one true annoyance at anything about my wedding.

    Maybe if I’d thought of bubbles they might not have done the birdseed. Sigh.

  3. It’s truly for the birds, and a nice idea.

  4. Nature Favour site has got other very interesting shapes other than hearts.