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Wedding Food For Thought

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Oh, fancy finger foods, how I love thee… how I arrive at each wedding reception I attend hoping that you shall make an appearance. How I sigh when I see the same old miniature quiches and scallops wrapped in bacon, which I cannot even eat for I am a vegetarian. My own dietary peccadillos aside, what is more satisfying that having just a touch of this and a smattering of that. I find it much more enjoyable than filling up on a platter of three portobello mushroom caps paired with a mountain of sauteed veg. And heck, even with my aversion to flesh, I can’t say that I don’t enjoy admiring meaty delights when they are artfully prepared and presented.


Teeny cheeseburgers are getting kind of played out, but I think they’d make a great addition to a backyard barbecue wedding. These are easy to DIY if you’re planning on having the grill play a central roll in your reception eats, but remember that you’ll have to designate someone to man the fire.


Music to My Ears? Hardly!

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Choosing not to listen to lyrics when choosing wedding reception music is a dangerous game in this humble blogger’s opinion. And it seems a lot of folks agree with me. All Things Considered recently asked its listeners and commenters to send in stories about the worst choices for wedding songs they’ve ever encountered and then chose the worst five. The least appropriate wedding songs were:


Send in the Clowns (as sung by Judy Collins) is a ballad from Act II of A Little Night Music. In it, the character Desirée reflects on the ironies and disappointments of her life. Uplifting!


Too Darn Hot

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

It’s a hot morning already, and that puts me in mind of how to beat the heat at weddings. What? Didn’t you realize I’m pretty much always thinking about weddings? The fact that it’s my job is just a happy coincidence.

Anyway, if your wedding is going to take place in the warmer months, it’s important to take that into consideration in your plans. Of course, it does work the other way, too. After all, just a couple weeks ago I saw a woman on Bridezillas insist on having an outdoor wedding and a strapless gown in December…and she didn’t live below the equator! Not Smart on an epic level.

But today I’m talking about heat. If you plan to marry in warm weather, make sure you look after not only your own comfort, but that of your guests. If marrying indoors, double check that there is a functioning air conditioning system. Ask to hear it in action, so you know whether or not it’s going to drown out the ceremony.

If marrying outdoors, consider supplying hand-held fans and/or complimentary sunscreen to your guests. Think about having the bridesmaids carry parasols instead of bouquets. Encourage festive sunhats. Oh, and consider having the men in light linen suits instead of dark, heavy tuxes. Avoid heavy satins and lots of layers for the ladies. Light fabrics like organza, eyelet, and linen are your friends. Don’t bother with gloves unless they’re very lightweight. Wear strappy sandals and show off your best pedicure.

Indoors or out, make very sure there are plenty of non-alcoholic beverages. Alcohol dehydrates the body, and so does heat. The combination means that liquor hits faster and harder. Keep everyone well hydrated. If you’ve got a big barrel of lemonade, an Italian soda bar, or waiters circulating with glasses of ice water as well as champagne, that should make it enticing to guests.

Avoid heavy foods with thick sauces, but make sure there’s plenty to go around. Appetites are sometimes fussy in hot weather. Fewer things seem appealing, but we need to eat just the same. Oh, and safety first: make sure that cold foods are being kept sufficiently cold. You don’t want guests going home with food poisoning!

A little thought can go a long way toward keeping your (and your guests’) cool in hot weather. And that can go a long way toward creating a day your friends and family will remember fondly for years to come.

What to Do When You Don’t Know Where to Start

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Once you’re officially engaged, it can be a bit daunting to know what to do next. Suddenly a lot of people want to know a lot of details. If you haven’t decided on them before announcing the engagement, well, you might feel a bit at sea. Friends and relatives – even ones with the best possible intentions – can begin to seriously stress you out with conflicting advice.

So what to do now? How to take the reins?

Sometimes a good place to start is by figuring out what you don’t want. It’s surprising how few of the expected trappings of weddings are actually required, either legally or spiritually. So if you’re not wild about white, you don’t have to wear it, and if you have no interest in identical bridesmaids’ dresses, you can tell them to pick their own (hint: do give some sort of guidance lest you wind up with a situation like the one I saw once where the MOH decided to express her contempt for her sister’s wedding by wearing a slinky black jumpsuit with lots of decorative zippers and the highest heels I’ve seen not worn by a ‘working girl’). You can decide that your ‘theme’ is just ‘wedding.’ Cake is an option for dessert, but not required.

Once you know what you don’t like, though, you find that you’ve got even more options than you realized at first. Don’t panic. This is where you start to winnow down those options by figuring out what you do like, and what you do want, and what really is indispensable to you and your intended.

Try sitting down and thinking about how you want people to feel at your wedding. Do you want them to be wowed by your surprises? Impressed by your elegant taste? Relaxed by your simple hospitality? Amused by your whimsy? There pretty much isn’t a wrong answer here. This is your wedding, and it should reflect your priorities. Just make sure your intended is happy with the same feeling, because it’s not just your wedding.

Knowing how you want people to feel automatically sheds inappropriate options. If you want an unexpected spectacle, you necessarily have to either reject or adapt all the expected trappings. If you’re going for traditional pomp and circumstance, then you’re not even going to look at the latest trendy accessories. If you want an informal, relaxed atmosphere, why on earth would you bother with a sit down dinner with lobster and caviar?

Just start with the overall feel, and you’ll be amazed how easily your eye starts gravitating towards ideas that fit that feel. Things that don’t fit will be quickly identified and easily rejected.

As with finding the love of your life, feelings are the best place to begin.

Brides Have Got Back

Friday, June 26th, 2009

No, not that kind of back, though plenty of brides (including me) are blessed in that department. I’m talking about subtle details that draw attention to the flipside of wedding dresses, like these appearing on gowns in the J. Crew Weddings Fall 2009 catalog.


Yes, the pseudosash goes all the way down on this wedding dress. My one issue with this otherwise chic dress as a whole is that I think many of us would have to order it five sizes too large in order to fit our bosoms in the bodice! Thanks a lot, J. Crew.


I like the polished and elegant back of this wedding dress more than I like the front, which is sort of messy looking.


This dress is quite pretty overall, and for once, my mind is not interpreting a peekaboo lace strip as “bra strap.” This is a good thing. However, being that this is only one image, I’d have to see the dress in person before I’d give it a second thumbs up.

All in all, the fronts of these wedding dresses can’t hold a handle to the backs, mostly because the fronts are rather plain. Then again, guests spend a great deal of time looking at the back of the bride during the wedding ceremony unless the couple has chosen a circular seating arrangement so maybe J. Crew is on to something.

Wedding Cake in the Round

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

The lovely Chris Oh, who gifted me with my very own copy of Katamari Damacy back in the day, sent me a link to an entirely too-well-done Katamari wedding cake. Not a topper, not a tier, but an entirely round katamari (a magical ball that allows anything smaller than it to stick to it and make it grow) in wedding cake form.


The bride (known on Flickr as offwithyourtv) and groom should roll it around until they encounter other wedding cakes in order to make a massive megacake.


But instead, they’re going to cut it. I have to admit that until I found the picture below, I was unsure as to how this wedding cake would be portioned out to guests. (Would you look at that dress!)


The answer: Start from the top and work your way down. Looks good, no? It makes me crave cake, in fact. The moral of this post is, of course, that anything done fabulously will be fabulous even if others might consider it weird or geeky or too outlandish for a wedding.

Wedding Photo Inspiration: Out of Doors/Inside Cars

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Achtung: Never teh Bride is falling dreadfully behind today because on top of entertaining a baby, maintaining her household, and keeping five cats happy (not to mention a husband), her grandparents are coming to visit and will arrive in, oh, any second. That means that instead of a text-rich post, her dear readers will get a wedding photo-rich post. These is just some pretty wedding photo inspiration she has been sitting on for some time. Enjoy!