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Why Not Upset the Apple Cart?

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Mention an apple themed bridal shower or wedding, and the minds of those listening will likely conjure up images of shiny red apples, perhaps as part of a larger fall motif. Autumn is, of course, a wonderful time to feature apples in one’s wedding decor. Here in New England, apple picking season is in full swing, so one could conceivably choose all of the apples in the reception decor oneself. However, my own preference is for tart green skinned apples, which to me are much more evocative of springtime or even early summer rather than fall.

To that I say “So what?” There’s no rule stating that an autumn themed wedding must be held in November or that a wedding featuring a wintertime palette can’t be scheduled for the middle of July. A green apple themed wedding (or bridal shower) is bright and cheerful no matter what the time of year. Here are some images meant to inspire those who like me love green apples, though one could substitute almost any fruits.

green apple cupcakes

First, there’s the shower. Basic fondant apples like these from Sweet Thing are easy to craft since they’re nothing but a sphere with a bit of a butt on the bottom and a bit of chocolate string licorice stuck on top. This sort of thing is great for the DIY MOH.


‘Congratulations, You Dummy!’

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

You may not know this, but I’m a huge My Name Is Earl fan. At the risk of stepping into TMI territory, I’ll confess that the show basically carried me through all of my infant daughter’s nursing troubles. I’d put reruns on in the middle of the night, and struggling to feed my baby didn’t seem too too bad. It’s odd, but now that the show wasn’t picked up for a fifth season, I almost feel like I’m missing part of my parenting arsenal.

Baring my life as I just did was mainly a way of leading into a post about how My Name Is Earl star Jaime Pressly married entertainment lawyer Simran Singh this past Saturday at a 6 p.m. ceremony on the Dick Clark estate on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


Pressly wore an ivory silk Jenny Packham gown lushly embellished with over 800,000 Swarovski crystals, glass beads, and sequins, while Singh wore a tuxedo from Hugo Boss. According to JustJared, she walked down the aisle to the Etta James classic “At Last.”


At the reception, Pressly changed into a ’40s-inspired open-back cocktail dress, also designed by Packham, and the couple danced their first dance was to Adele’s β€œTo Make You Feel My Love.”

I wish them all the best, of course, and hope that Pressly has found what she described in this quote in her new husband:

“I’d like to be with somebody who isn’t afraid to take care of me – whether they have the same financial means as me or not,” Pressly told Redbook in March. “What’s important is that they realize there are other ways of taking care of me that have [nothing] to do with money. Like cooking me dinner or going to the grocery store or picking up after yourself.”

*In case you aren’t a My Name Is Earl fan, note that the title of this post is a play on one of the character Joy’s typical greetings.

Wedding Imminent? Stick With What You Know.

Monday, September 28th, 2009


There are a lot of guides out there that speak to what the bride and/or groom need to do in the week or so before the wedding to ensure that things go smoothly. These are full of great advice like “Pick up your wedding dress from your seamstress” and “Make sure you have the marriage license application.” And of course it’s all great advice, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Brides and grooms also need to think about what not to do before the wedding because one can follow all the DOs and still get stung of one doesn’t avoid certain DON’Ts. It might sound self-explanatory, but the reason don’ts are don’ts is because they’re often very tempting! So here’s a short guide of activities to avoid in the week leading up to your wedding day.

Do not, under any circumstances:

  • Drastically change your hair cut or haircolor (unless you’ve had that style or color in the past and know you adore it AND you are going to a trusted stylist). Remember that your wedding photographers will hopefully last a lifetime. As tempting as it is to channel all that pre-wedding stress into a fresh new look, that fresh new look may become the stuff of nightmares when you’re hating it six weeks later. Or worse, on the eve of your wedding!
  • Wax something you’ve never had waxed before. If you’re a seasoned and experienced waxer, then by all means visit a salon to get de-fuzzed. But if you’re a novice and don’t really know what to expect, I suggest staying away. Need a reason? Just imagine yourself standing at the altar in your wedding finery… coping with a bikini line that feels like an itchy firepit. Oh, and the same goes for things like Botox and facial fillers.
  • (more…)

Register Without Complaints

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

No, you aren’t required to register anywhere for gifts. If you don’t see a need and don’t plan to register, then that’s fine.

On the other hand, there is the sad tale of my sister-in-law’s friend who didn’t register. Every single guest at her wedding gave her a casserole dish, because, hey, who can’t use another casserole dish? The woman who just received eighty-five of them, that’s who.

Registries are expected these days, and couples are getting more imaginative with them, as well. Still, there are a few rules in place, and some advice I can offer. If you’re thinking of setting up a gift registry, look behind the cut for more information.


Twistie’s Sunday Caption Madness: The Finger Lickin’ Good Edition: The Result

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

I do love how all your minds work.

Last sunday, I presented you with this…astonishing image:


and you came back at me with six captions that made me cackle like a hen.

They were all great, but in the end only one can win. This week, that winner is LPC for this tongue in cheek wonder:

The Colonel made us do it. Our first, child, Sanders, is due in 7 months.

Congratulations, LPC! And thanks to everyone who played.

It’s Still A Nice Day For a White Wedding

Friday, September 25th, 2009

There are so many great wedding color scheme options out there that I sometimes forget that more than a few brides want to be married in (and around) white. The same thing happens when it comes to so-called traditional wedding options. I have a tendency to focus on the more usual types of wedding cakes or dessert tables or reception decor, when the fact is that tradionalesque wedding accessories and decor are always popular. As a means of beginning to correct this oversight, here is some inspiration for those considering a white wedding.

white wedding dessert table

First, the dessert table. Isn’t it lucky that icing sugar, big balloons, and serving platters still come in white? The creamy hydrangeas in the background aren’t exactly white-white, but I think they’re in keeping with the theme.


‘There are secrets where fairies don’t live.’

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Legend of Zelda Wedding

Burleson, TX photographer Fate Couture captured this image of an amazing wedding cupcake table from the wedding of a certain Stephanie Drake, a.k.a. StephLobster. She and her now husband went a decidedly nontraditional route with an “8-bit” depiction of Link, Zelda, and a life heart.

What can we learn from Stephanie? I think the answer is ‘be your own bride.’ If what you want is a video game wedding cake or, heck, a video game wedding, go for it. Or maybe you are leaning toward a barbecue reception and people are trying to dissuade you from it. A rainbow wedding dress? A Renaissance ceremony? Or something equally unusual

If it’s legal, generally in keeping with good taste, and doesn’t hurt anyone, go for it!