Cake Whimsy

You’ll no doubt hear the words elegant and sophisticated much more than you hear the words adorable and cute when planning your wedding. Truth be told, this makes me a little sad. In the search for the magical and refined, it’s easy to forget about all things playful. Brides and grooms whose preferences lean toward whimsy and fun should let those preferences inspire them when it’s wedding planning time. They can’t all be chic evening weddings full of mystery and candlelight, right? If you love cute, plan a cute wedding with cute wedding cakes like these from Eat Cake Be Merry!

blue dot wedding cake

Polka dot weddings were all the rage a few years ago, and there’s no reason you can’t be the one to bring them back into vogue. A wedding cake like this looks great in pictures and can be made to complement any wedding colors you can imagine.

floral wedding cake colorful wedding cake

Here we have floral wedding cakes, done two ways. The first is cartoony cute and the second us ultra mod. If neither lights your fire, ask your wedding cake designer about a cake design that falls somewhere in between.

white and silver wedding cake

Cute and sophisticated? Yes, it can be done. Silver dragees paired with raised… well, barnacle looking thingies come together to form stylized flowers that have a playful edge. The silver on white color scheme, however, keeps this wedding cake from looking too quirky. Not that there’s anything wrong with quirky. You could always order this cake in purple and lime with black candies in place of the dragees and it would be just as yum delish.

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2 Responses to “Cake Whimsy”

  1. Fantastic looking wedding cakes. They look so delicious…mmm! So creative.. excellent work.. regards perry from sydney

  2. Maikelehmen says:

    Nice cakes. I would like to see more colorful cakes like this.