A Wedding Gown PSA from Manolo for the Brides

When shopping for your wedding gown, there are several important things to keep in mind.

1) Consider the venue and number of attendants you will need before choosing a very long train:
Wedding Gown Super Train

2) When choosing the fabric for your gown, consider wool. No, really, consider it carefully and remember to card it before you head down the aisle.

3) If you are old enough to be getting married, you are probably old enough to dispense with wearing cartoon characters on your formalwear.
Wdding Gown hello_kitty_3

4) But in your eagerness to embrace more adult themes, do not make the mistake of allowing Alfred Hitchcock to design your headpiece.
Wedding Gown birds

5) If you cannot find a large enough butt bow to satisfy your cravings, a pair of King sized down pillows may be used to good advantage on your gown.
Wedding Gown bow

6) Always remember that patriotism, while an excellent thing in and of itself, is rarely a particularly successful fashion statement.
Wedding Gown Patriotic

7) Speaking of fashion statements, consider carefully just how much of one you want to be on your wedding day. Your children will inevitably laugh at the photos one day, but there’s no need to give them too much extra ammunition, is there?
Wedding Gown napoleon

4 Responses to “A Wedding Gown PSA from Manolo for the Brides”

  1. Oh, these are too funny!!! My favorite is the Hello Kitty dress 🙂 Thanks for finding and sharing these!

  2. SusanC says:

    I’d feel a little sheepish wearing the gown in the 2nd picture. But I’m a mutton for punishment.

  3. Ashleyrah says:

    I actually really like the wool one. She is a shepherdess and made the dress from woll from her own flock. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1205007/Shepherdess-bride-marries-stunning-dress-wool-flock.html

  4. Victor says:

    The red-white-blue looks like a prom dress…and the last one? That’s gotta be by the Funky Little Fashion Troll, Galliano!