Interview: Megan Leavy of Mpire Events (Intro)

Today I’m going to do something a little different, which I hope will become a regular feature here at Manolo for the Brides. I recently had a chance to interview the absolutely lovely Megan Leavy of Mpire Events, and I think that the insider’s view you can only get by talking to wedding vendors is so important when it comes to learning all you can about planning a wedding. Megan agreed to be my first-ever interview, but with luck there will be many more to come! Without further ado, let me introduce Megan and share what she had to say about her background, what she loves about wedding planning, and how she approaches wedding planning on behalf of a couple.

Tell our readers a little about your company and your background

Mpire Events produces stylish, creative and unforgettable events. I started the company in January of 2010 after working for a number of years helping manage events for professional athletes’ charitable foundations, as well as planning lavish parties for hedge fund managers and financial firms. My experience has allowed me to work on a range of events in areas such as Vegas, Tokyo, Florida, NYC and the Hamptons.

I knew it was time to start my own business in order to create events that would reflect my global experience and bring a fresh and unique style to Boston.

Why you were drawn to wedding planning specifically?

I’ve always loved attending weddings and through the years I’ve noted what makes a great wedding versus an average one. I wanted to help bring a couple’s dream to life by creating something that embodies what they want their special day to be and of course make it unforgettable. There’s no event quite like a wedding!

Would you call yourself a full-service wedding planner? Is there anything you won’t do?

I am definitely a full-service event planner. I can do it all, from the invitations and venue research and selection to planning rehearsal dinner and helping manage the ceremony, gifts, transportation, etc.

I am finding more often these days that there are certain aspects of planning a wedding a couple may want to handle themselves (e.g., hire their favorite photographer or use their family friend to create invitations). I think there is a larger market for wedding consultants who take care of specific elements of a wedding as opposed to every last detail, and I’m happy to take on a limited role or handle everything, start to finish.

Stay tuned for Megan’s tips for brides and grooms!

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  1. Gayle says:

    That centrepiece and candle display is breathtaking! It’s great to hear that you are so flexible in your work too. So many bridal couples have different expectations and perceptions that if you can treat each case individually, you are sure to get ahead. 🙂

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