Glamour Brides and All That Jazz

One of the best and worst things about shopping for a wedding dress is that you encounter so many gowns that are amazing on the hanger or would look beautiful on someone else. I know, I know. Twistie and I have both said many times that the bride-to-be should try on a variety of wedding dresses, including frocks that aren’t usually her style. Just to see because you never know. I’ve heard stories from more than one bride about finding that perfect wedding dress that was nothing like anything she would have ever imagined herself wearing.

Now of course, I get to experience this all the time. This or that wedding dress is amazing – wouldn’t wear it, couldn’t wear it, but still amazing. Which is how I’m feeling right now looking at all the brilliant 1920s inspired wedding dresses from Lindsay Fleming! Gowns like those? Not meant for busty, hippy ol’ me, but on the right bride? Magnificent! I’m not kidding when I say all her designs are delicious and made out of gorgeous stuff like sandwashed silk crepe, pure silk tulle, silk backed velvet, and other yummy stuff. Plus with all Lindsay Fleming designs, the bride can alter this or that detail to suit her own tastes. (There are more pics under the cut!)

P.S. – For the medieval wedding lovers out there, Lindsay Fleming does that sort of thing, too!

2 Responses to “Glamour Brides and All That Jazz”

  1. Nati says:

    I don’t know if you ladies noticed that right now the fashion from the 1900’s is coming back. Shoes, clothes and even wedding gowns are very similar to the one that our grandmothers were wearing before. Now back to the dresses. Of course you should try on a variety of wedding dresses before you decide to purchase the one. On the hangers they look much different then you even imagine. Believe me! I went to the “David’s Bridal” store and one of the girls who was helping me, showed me a wedding dress and automatically I said: “No, I don’t want to try it on because I don’t like it and it’s not in my style “. But she kept pressuring me to try it on. And guess what? After trying a hundred of dresses, that was the one that I bought!