You Can’t Please Everyone, So Don’t Worry About Pleasing the People Who Aren’t Invited to the Wedding

Maybe you happened to hear about Cliff Ranson and Elizabeth Fischer, the New Jersey couple who were married at a Dunkin Donuts last month? They love coffee, they love doughnuts, and they happen to roll through the drive-thru of that particular Dunkin Donuts at least once a day. It’s actually one of two weddings they’ll have – they’re planning a larger affair for September of this year, but they didn’t want to wait to say their vows and thus, the Dunkin Donuts wedding.

“It’s the first wedding ever in a Dunkin’ Donuts, I believe,” said franchisee Paresh Patel. “We’re very happy for them.” He and his cousin Sam Patel, who is co-owner, presented the newlyweds with a gift basket of coffee and his-and-her mugs, boxes of doughnuts, and a lottery ticket. Patel also promised to make the doughnut cake for the September celebration.

It’s the wedding Ranson and Fischer wanted for the moment, and they got it. Even if for some reason it turns out to be the only wedding they have, they won’t be any less married because they said their wedding vows in a shop selling coffee and doughtnuts. Heck, I’ve posted about wedding in bowling alleys, ceremonies in the sky, a marriage between a woman and a dolphin, and weddings in everything from a dollar store to Taco Bell. It’s not like choosing to get married in a fast food joint is all that unusual these days!

Sure, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea – or coffee – but if the bride and groom or bride and bride or groom and groom are happy, then I’m happy. But I guess I’m in some kind of less-than-vocal minority, because some of the comments on the articles about this particular caffeinated couple are downright mean. “These two are quite possible the biggest morons I have ever heard of.” and “Gee, I wonder why their fist marriages didn’t work out?” and “i think they are following the lead of our fat boy governor and eating and eating and eating.” and “Gotta be Republicans!!” (Whatever that means…)

What can brides-to-be and their partners take away from a story like this? Simply that there’s always going to be some jerk somewhere who could find some way to make fun of your wedding. I don’t care how classy you are, how much you spend, that you have incredible taste, or are hiring Colin Cowie to design your wedding. Jerks can always find something negative to say. So don’t plan your wedding for the jerks! Plan a wedding that YOU will love and that your guests will enjoy, but don’t worry about pleasing people who won’t even be there. Like random Internet commenters, for example. After all, who cares what someone who’s not even invited to your wedding thinks about it? Those are not ever the people you should be thinking about when planning a wedding.

6 Responses to “You Can’t Please Everyone, So Don’t Worry About Pleasing the People Who Aren’t Invited to the Wedding”

  1. Isabel says:

    Hey… It is a really good article. In my opinion it is the bride’s and groom’s day, so they should decide on everything, taking in consideration suggestion but only of the nearest family.

  2. Gotta be Republicans!!

    That does seem to be the go-to insult in many books and movies.

  3. @The gold digger Right up there with “I bet they’re bleeding heart Dems!” No political affiliation is safe when someone is looking to put another someone down.

  4. Christa, really! What on earth do political affiliations have to do with weddings? Could we please please please have some politics-free zones in our lives?

  5. That’s one of the reasons I like wedding and fashion blogs, even though I am already married and wear my gym clothes most of my lazy-ass, bon-bon eating day: They do not get political. I do like reading about politics, but some of the comments get so ugly.

  6. You’ll find no disagreement from me! (I wasn’t trying to get political one way or the other, of course. Politics in general makes my ears ring.)