Cookies On Your Cake? And Other Neat Ideas

The beautiful people at Donsuemor sent me a sweet challenge: In exchange for a sample box of their madeleines, they wanted me to think of all the ways you could use them in a wedding. Now am I really going to think of ALL the ways? Er, I think that would get a little more offbeat than I want to get. But I can think of plenty of fun wedding-y things to do with Donsuemor madeleines! (Which, I should add, are excellent. Madeleines are actually my favorite cookies, so I have pretty high standards. And La Paloma? She is still sad that we ate through the samples.)

Omigosh. Madeleines on a wedding cake. It’s like two of my favorite things are rubbing up against each other in some sort of delicious dance. I can’t decide if I’d tried to get cake and cookie in a single bite, or if I’d eat the madeleines first. Donsuemor has five kinds of madeleine, so brides and grooms shouldn’t run into flavor fatigue.

Or a wee bag of different flavors of madeleines could make a delish wedding favor – one that’s definitely more likely to get taken by guests than, say, a recipe holder shaped like a country-style rolling pin or a swan basket.

A bride and groom might include madeleines in their dessert buffet or cookie buffet – either in a supporting position or in a starring roll. Madeleines are, if I do say so myself, an impressive cookie. Certainly more weddingish than humble chocolate chip rounds.

As an alternative dessert idea, skips the individual cakes on each table and serve chocolate, classic, lemon, and dipped madeleines from Donsuemor on pretty tiered plates like these. If you choose the individually wrapped variety, guests can even take them home as favors if they’re not in the mood for sweets just then. I love when wedding stuff does double duty!

HINT HINT: A box of about 50 Donsuemor madeleines will run brides and grooms about $21, making it a pretty nice budget option for those couples who aren’t all that fond of wedding cake!

2 Responses to “Cookies On Your Cake? And Other Neat Ideas”

  1. Isabel says:

    hey, i love this wedding cacke with cookies. It look really adorable yet it is so simple! thanks for posting this article!

  2. These cookies and cakes look so tasty. I will suggest this to my cousin that in his wedding there are cookies in the cake. The idea is so great.