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Remember That No Matter What Happens…

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

…your wedding can sparkle.

Tearful Brides: A Quickie Poll

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

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'I'm... so... happy!'

Here’s something you might not know about me: I cry at the drop of a hat. I am like the queen of waterworks. I could probably maintain a salt water fish tank without ever having to buy those jugs of salt water. I cry when I’m sad. I cry when I’m angry. I cry when someone on TV is sad. I cry when I’m happy. I cry when I think about future happy events. All I have to do is imagine a situation where strong emotions would be appropriate, and I tear up. I think the connection between my tear ducts and my brain was sloppily installed, because I am a crying machine.

And yet, I did not cry at my wedding (until my SIL accused my family of intentionally keeping her in the dark about a post-wedding brunch, but that’s another matter). Everyone who knows me was UTTERLY CONVINCED that my crying instinct would kick on about five minutes after I woke up and continue operating until bedtime. But they were wrong. I smiled and laughed my way through the ceremony with perfectly dry eyes. I was too busy coordinating things that morning to shed any tears. And then later, too tired? The main thing those who predicted I would bawl forgot to take into account is that I love being the center of attention. I was too busy being “on” to cry that day.

Attending scads of weddings has shown me, however, that it’s not at all uncommon for brides to cry before, during, and after their wedding vows. Hence all the wedding hankies and admonishments to include Kleenex in the wedding day emergency kit.

So I created a little poll for the brides-to-be:

And for the former brides:

Because I’d love to know whether YOU think you’ll cry (or did cry) at your wedding!


Inspiration: 6 Creative Table Numbers

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Table numbers – if you’re assigning seats or tables at your wedding reception, you’re going to need them. I know, I know, your table numbers don’t necessarily need to be numbers, so take these ideas and translate them into non-numbered table numbers if you want to! Because they are awesome and fun and definitely a step up from a number on a stick randomly erupting from a floral arrangement.

via Lil Missi, but easily DIYable with burlap wine bags, fabric paints, and stencils

via the Back Porch Shoppe


What If Your Wedding Vendor Doesn’t Show Up?

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Choosing wedding vendors can be nerve-racking (or wracking, both are correct) because, after all, you’re putting your entire wedding in the hands of a handful of professionals. Are their picture perfect portfolio shots really representative of their work? Will they be on time? Do they really understand how important this is to you?

"Waddya mean the caterer is in Borneo?"

Maybe yes, maybe no. More than likely, however, yes. Your wedding vendors will show up, give you everything they’ve promised and you’ve paid for, and help make your wedding beautiful. But that doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen very, very occasionally to an itty-bitty handful of brides and grooms. It’s a difficult situation to contemplate, but maybe one that everyone who’s engaged should think about just a bit.

The question, of course, is what do you do if one of your wedding vendors doesn’t show up.

First, let’s talk about what you don’t do. You don’t, as much as you’d probably like to, panic. When you’re just about to leave for the ceremony and you find out that your caterer isn’t coming, panicking is NOT going to help. And if you’ve just arrived at the reception to find out that your cake isn’t coming, freaking out isn’t going to get you a cake.


The Bride Eternal!

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

These are the Salvages, Jeff and Jennifer… and her wedding dress, on their wedding day on Easter Island. The gown is a Maggie Sotero, for those keeping score.

What’s the big deal about her wedding dress? Well, they’ve created a website devoted to it and the many places throughout the world where they’ve had it photographed.

State parks, New Zealand, the Vatican, even a 76ers game:
Jennifer and her wedding dress have travelled the globe. Why? Well, according to the website, One Dress, One Woman, One World:

In a sea of changing places, people, scenery and seasons, the bride eternal and her flowing gown have spanned the globe, bringing out the adventurer, the romantic, the model, the artist, and the dreamer in all of us. Within these pages, you have seen one dress, one woman, one world, and a lifetime of endless possibilities and adventures still to be had.

Okay, I’m down with being happy with your wedding gown. I’m down with traveling the world. I’m down with dreaming of endless possibilities.

I guess I just kind of wonder why she can’t dream in other outfits.


Brides and Grooms, Don’t Forget to…

Friday, March 25th, 2011

  • ask your caterer to feed your wedding vendors, especially if your reception falls during a mealtime and your vendors will be working all day
  • plan for either a receiving line or to make time to go (as a couple) from table to table to greet each guest
  • look over your wedding dress as soon as you get it to make sure it’s the right one and catch any issues like missing beading or rips
  • designate someone who will do a last-minute once over of your reception venue at the evening’s end for lost property and grab any gifts people brought to the wedding
  • research what you’ll need to do and have ready to make sure that your wedding is actually legal
  • ask your ceremony venue if there is a private place you and your attendants can get ready or if you’ll need to arrive fully done up
  • eat breakfast
  • ask your wedding vendors if they’re willing to do test runs or mock-ups, like a single floral centerpiece to show you what it will look like or a pre-wedding hair style and make-up test run
  • plan for decorations for the wedding cake table
  • work on your personalized vows well in advance of the big day so you don’t feel rushed or get writer’s block
  • remember that in addition to being a bride- or groom-to-be and someone’s honey, you’re also YOU and deserve to make time for yourself in all this

LOVE/HATE: The Writing On the Wall Edition

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

I’ll let this one speak for itself:


via (previously)


Apparently, having a little on-location wedding day graffiti photography is a thing. Not a huge thing, by any stretch, but still a thing. When I tossed a couple of images at The Beard, he suggested it was appealing to some because of the “dramatic juxtaposition”. I get it – I am, as you know, in favor of walking around town in your wedding finery. But going out of your way to find graffiti that looks nice but not too nice and isn’t full of dirty words feels a little too ‘OMG look at how edgy I am!’ to me.

What do you thing of wedding day graffiti photography?