NtB Loves Fortune Teller Wedding Programs!

In Nevada, where The Beard grew up, they called them cootie catchers. In New York, they were fortune tellers. In either case, these simple, folded paper sheets make easy DIY wedding programs – or seating cards or recyclable wedding favors or reception menus, for that matter. I’ve even read about some couples putting them at reception tables to help break the ice.

But I still think simple paper fortune tellers make the best wedding programs, especially when done a bit cleverly, since they give wedding guests something not only to read, but also to do. (Even if it is just flipping paper.) Which really comes in handy during that inevitable pre-ceremony delay! Here are some from around the net:

Cute cut-outs on this one - simple paper can get pretty fancy!

Beautiful fortune teller wedding programs spotted on Delightfully Engaged

No time to DIY? Get custom cootie catchers from katskrafts on Etsy

For the DIY set, Ruffled has a fortune teller wedding program template that brides and grooms can download and customize with everything from details about the couple and ceremony to actual fortunes or other conversation starts, though I think it would be sweet to see hand-drawn wedding program cootie catchers. Er, for those who either are having smaller weddings or feel inclined to practice their pretty script on 150 of the things, that is.

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