Why a Pillow? You’re Not Napping

If you’re having your rings carried up to the altar by a ring bearer, chances are you expect that tad to carry some sort of lacy, white pillow. After all, that’s what the kid does, traditionally.

But what if you’re not married to the pillow idea? There are other ways of having the ring make it up front and center.

You could put it in a bird’s nest:

What could be better for a rustic wedding of two ornithologists? Or, you know, two people who just have a thing for bird’s nests.

And that’s not the only alternative idea going for ring pillows.

You could always use a lovely flower:

That one might be particularly nice if your ring bearer doesn’t happen to be a boy.

Or how about a starfish?

Or, if your bent is more toward the supernatural than the natural, you might take a tip from the couple on Offbeat Bride who recently shared their Ark of the Covenant ring ‘pillow.’

However you get them where they’re going, have some fun with it!

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