That Cuts the Cake!

Have you ever wondered how to figure out how many people that cake you just made will serve at a wedding? Turns out the good folks at Wilton have a handy guide to help you out.

Oh, and if your cake isn’t going to be either round or square, don’t panic! They include equally handy guides for tiers shaped like hearts, flowers, ovals, and paisley, too.

If you’re the one baking your own cake (or you’re giving the job to someone close to you who is a great baker but hasn’t done this level of work before), you can also find great tips on the site for how to construct, decorate, display, and even transport this all-important confectionary creation to your reception site.

There is a section of recipes, but I have to say they didn’t impress me much. Frankly, I would look elsewhere.

But if you need to find a speciality pan, pastry bags and decorating tips, or display items to get you going, Wilton is a great place to start.

One Response to “That Cuts the Cake!”

  1. Jenn says:

    Those diagrams are a good ball-park but not always the most exact (and I say this as a former cake decorating instructor for Wilton). Instead, I prefer to use Earlene’s chart over here:
    I especially love the right side of the chart which shows you what sizes of round tiers you need to feed x-number of people. It’s never let me down.

    That said, for odd shaped pans, measuring and marking off the bottom of the pan (on the outside, where no batter comes into contact) in 1″x2″ segments is the most reliable way of judging cake sizes (and you can mark the bottom of the pan with a permanent marker so you only have to do it once!).