You learn something new every day if you’re lucky. Today was my first exposure to the concept of ‘marryoke.’ Well, okay, then.

Most of us know about karaoke, that staple entertainment of drunks who can’t sing everywhere. Yes, I have heard a couple people who really were good belting out a great song, but let’s face it, the vast majority of karaoke is sung by people who could barely keep the tune inside the bucket when they were sober… three shots ago.

I must admit the worst karaoke experience I ever heard wasn’t someone who was drunk, but a young boy attempting to sing all parts of Bohemian Rhapsody while in the throes of his voice changing. He didn’t know from one note to the next whether he was going to be a counter tenor or a basso profundo. Yeah, that was kind of the last mental straw for karaoke and me.

Then again, marryoke doesn’t involve anyone actually having to be able to sing. So what is it? I thought you’d never ask!

Marryoke is a wedding video trend that started in the UK, as best I can tell, and has migrated to our shores over the past few years while I wasn’t looking. Or at least not going to weddings where it was being done.

Basically, the couple chooses a song and – depending on how elaborate the plans get – lip sync and act it out with the help of the bridal party, the parents, and even in some cases the wedding guests. The videographer cuts all the footage together with the song and the happy couple gets a video of themselves and/or their friends and family members pretending to sing a famous song. It’s not so much karaoke and your own personal chance to star in The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert for four minutes.

Of course, you don’t wear fabulous drag costumes, unless that’s what you’re getting married in.

If you want to see an example and learn more about the process, I suggest heading over to this site for an Irish company that makes marryoke.

Me? I’m not impressed, but I’m hardly offended. I do, however, think it’s important to keep in mind the personalities and proclivities of your friends and families before getting them involved. After all, it’s no fun if you’re spending half your wedding reception herding camera-shy guests or quaking in fear about what the best man is going to pull out of his vest next.

One Response to “Marryoke”

  1. mary martha says:

    I haven’t seen a big production from the bridal couple (or the bridal party) but I have been to a wedding with Karaoke and it was super fun!

    It was a fairly casual back yard kind of wedding and the Karaoke came out at the end of the evening when everyone had already had a few drinks, and it was a fun dancing/singing end to a really great day.

    Before that I would have though Karaoke had no place at a wedding… now I totally love it!