You Never Know Who Will Accept

Nearly every couple getting married sends out at least one or two invitations to people they’re pretty sure won’t attend, for one reason or another. Every once in a while, they show up anyway. One good friend of mine was absolutely gobsmacked when her uncle came all the way from New Zealand for her wedding. But I think John and Frances Canning may have been even more amazed at who turned out for their big day.

The happy couple had booked the Manchester Town Hall for their event, and about four weeks before the wedding, they were contacted and told that a VIP would be in the building that day: no less a personage than Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The queen and Prince Philip were going to be attending a banquet in honor of the queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Being fans of the royals, John and Frances decided to send an invitation, more as a bit of light-hearted fun to share with friends than out of any belief that anything would come of it.

But when the ceremony was over, the staff asked the wedding party to wait a minute in the corridor, and who should come by but the Queen and Prince Consort offering congratulations!

I offer up mine, as well, but that probably isn’t as exciting as actually meeting the Queen of England.

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One Response to “You Never Know Who Will Accept”

  1. Jaf Gifts says:

    They are the luckiest couple in the world! The presence of the queen made their wedding super memorable and very special. These guys are on the top of the world!