And the Winner Is…

… The fabulous and wildly lucky Rebecca A!

With just one entry, hers was the one I pulled at random out of Mr. Twistie’s hat (mine were all too shallow for the sheer volume involved; he has a top hat). After the wedding, Rebecca plans to donate both her gown and the tiara to the Brides Against Breast Cancer program.

Rebecca, contact me at gileswenchatyahoodotcom, let me know which tiara you’re choosing, and where you’d like your prize delivered. I’ll get the wonderful folks at USABride your information, and you’ll soon have your prize in hand.

I only wish I could have provided a tiara to each and every person who entered, if only to have the fun of imagining all the different wonderful ways you wanted to enjoy your windfall.

Thanks to everyone who played. I’ll be linking blogs over the weekend.

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