The Wedding Ring That Fell to Earth

(Image via Imagur where you can see the entire process of how this ring was made)

No, this is not the One Ring to Rule Them All. It’s the wedding ring of Reddit user laporkenstein. What’s so special about it? How about the fact that he made it himself from a meteorite.

The meteorite cost him about $200 online, and then he got started forging. No, there is no matching ring. The lady had already fallen in love with something else, and neither insisted their rings had to be an exact match.

According to laporkenstein, he and his wife are now happily married for three years with a small daughter.

May this ring – and the marriage it represents – never be unmade.

But this does raise a question I’m curious about: how do you all feel about mismatched wedding rings? Love? Hate? Don’t care? Tell me what you think.

For my part, I think rings are a truly individual choice. I’m very much down with either choice, so long as both parties are happy with it.

7 Responses to “The Wedding Ring That Fell to Earth”

  1. Linda says:

    My husband was very attached to the idea of matching rings. I didn’t have any strong opinions so we got matching rings. I think it depends on the person but now I really like having matching rings.

  2. SarahDances says:

    I think it’s so often the case that what suits one spouse doesn’t suit the other, so I personally love that it’s become more common to have non-matching rings. I personally would seriously consider a ring in rose gold, which is most flattering to my skin tone, but wouldn’t expect my intended to share my affinity for it.

    Probably the sweetest set of wedding rings I’ve ever seen matched in concept – his ring was inlaid with rosewood for her nickname (Rosie), and her ring was inlaid with ironwood for his favorite hobby (blacksmithing).

  3. Twistie says:

    @Sarah Dances: I love the matching concept rings! Those sound incredibly romantic.

  4. Twistie says:

    @Linda: I can definitely understand liking that!

  5. Toni says:

    Man, I never even CONSIDERED matching rings. I didn’t realize it was A THING. (Coincidentally, my husband’s ring IS The One Ring to Rule Them All (just in white gold), and while I (obviously) support and indulge his Tolkien fandom, I prefer my architecturally-inspired ring.)

  6. Twistie says:

    @Toni: Matching rings were never going to happen with me and Mr. Twistie, either… largely because he doesn’t wear any jewelry of any sort and I knew going in that I was going to wear my late mother’s ring. But matching rings definitely are a THING. If one goes shopping through expected channels for wedding rings, one can find not only matching wedding bands, but ones with specific engagement rings (for women only) meant to go with them, too.

  7. Katie says:

    I like matching rings, but I’m not hung up on the idea. My engagement ring is an antique, and not straight across the bottom, so I was expecting to have to get something shaped to fit. After a bit of hunting around, we ended up talking to a jeweller who spent ages showing me rings, having me try them one, even shaping a silver band so that I could see what a shaped ring would look like. Amongst the rings he showed me was one of three tones of gold twisted together. Although it doesn’t actually sit flush against my engagement ring, the twist disguises that. And then he offered to make my husband and I matching rings from the same twist of gold – so that they were originally part of each other. My husband was quite taken with that idea, and I wasn’t taken with any others, so that’s what we went with.
    Oh, and when we picked them up, he told my husband he had enough of the twist left to make a bangle, so I’m getting the matching bangle for my 30th this year!