Love Through Rose Colored Goggles

Once upon a time, there were two boys.

Well, maybe not those boys and not quite that long ago.

Still, two boys who met and became good friends. For years they were quite close.

Alas! Over the years they eventually drifted apart. It wasn’t any one thing or on purpose, but it happened nonetheless. Still, they never forgot one another.

Well, a few weeks ago, Mr. Twistie and his childhood friend found one another again on Facebook… and it turned out John was about to get married.

And so it was that yesterday Mr. Twistie and I repaired to the Benicia Clock Tower to attend our first ever steampunk wedding.

The setting was great. Plenty of parking, a bit of history (the tower was built in 1859), and plenty of atmosphere. Guests were encouraged to wear steampunk or Victorian attire, and many did so, adding to the unique look and feel. Goggles, leather, gears, bustles, and fabulous hats abounded. Yes, Mr. Twistie and I dressed in the spirit of the event. His frock coat and my random velvet pieces fit right in.

The groom wore a festive and elegant brocade waistcoat… with a TARDIS on the back. For the ceremony, he added a spectacularly detailed recreation of Captain Jack Harkness’ greatcoat.

The bride wore an elegant Victorian gown in the style of the bustle era in a lovely shade of soft blue grey. Her bouquet even had a special story behind it. Several years ago, a good friend of the bride organized her friends to send her special beads and notes of encouragement for her birthday. The intent was that she would make up these various beads into a necklace. Then, as it happened, she met John and the necklace never actually got made. Instead, she carried all the beads as part of her bouquet.

The personalities of both partners were in clear evidence throughout the celebration. From their officiant dressed as the Eleventh Doctor (Though sadly, without a fez. Fezzes are cool), to the Dr. Who music played before the ceremony to vowing ‘as you wish’ instead of ‘I do’, to the Back to the Future Overture used as the recessional, everything was quirky and meaningful to them.

The personal touches continued throughout the afternoon. The buffet meal was mostly made up of recipes from the groom’s grandmother and cooked by the groom’s daughter. Recipes were available for those interested. You can bet I was interested! I can’t wait to try making that artichoke, ricotta pie!

Oh, and Mr. Twistie and I were delighted to find the music during the meal was made up mostly of songs and tunes from cartoons of our childhood. The Speed Racer theme, Josie and the Pussycats, the Underdog theme… yeah, we took a little trip back in time. It also gave us an opportunity to bond with a couple at the next table over Bullwinkle trivia.

Sadly, a few weeks before the wedding, the groom’s father passed on. It was a big blow to everyone involved. I’m not normally a big fan of terribly overt tributes to the dead at weddings, but in this case, something really did need to be done and said. And yes, again, it was handled with grace, and even with some joy. A group of his friends sat at a special table, and there was a dance in his honor where everyone was encouraged to join in.

There was also a fabulous practical idea that I would love to see at more weddings. The self-serve bar of sodas and juice drinks were placed in shallow blow-up wading pools filled with ice! Now that was a great idea!

The theme of the wedding as printed on the programs was ‘Well and Truly, Pure and Simple.’ I can think of no better description of the day. This was a joyful celebration from the heart, everything was simple and pure.

I’m glad Mr. Twistie found his friend again. I’m honored to have been included in the warmth of this wonderful couple’s wedding.

John and Cat, may you share many happy years together. And may Mr. Twistie and I always have a corner to share in that world.

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