Quickie Question: Best Internet Resources?

Way back in the dark ages when I was getting married, the internet wasn’t a part of my daily life. In fact, it barely existed then. I knew a couple couples who had used computers for keeping track of records when getting married, but, well, I used 3×5″ index cards and two file boxes, one for the guest list, one for vendors and receipts. It worked just fine. I read a few bridal magazines, thought about weddings I’d attended over the years, and went from there.

But that was nineteen years ago and I was behind the times technologically then. I’m haphazardly Luddite/technophile in my leanings.

Now, though, most couples planning weddings start by booting up the ol’ laptop and doing a Google search on weddings or wedding planning… unless they do most of their planning using bridal reality shows as their basis.

So I’m curious, other than the obvious (aka: the blog you’re reading right now which, it goes without saying is a treasure trove of fabulosity and function), what online resources have you found useful while planning your wedding? Which ones would you recommend to someone starting to plan? Have you found any you would steer couples away from?

It’s a world wide web out there! Tell me what you’ve found.

4 Responses to “Quickie Question: Best Internet Resources?”

  1. srah says:

    I’m not planning a wedding, but I see a lot of my friends doing so on Pinterest.

  2. Katie says:

    I was part of a wedding forum – always someone willing to hear about my plans and give an opinion. Otherwise, Google.

  3. Rebecca A says:

    I use the knot to keep up with my checklist and to research vendors, out is a great website, as far as keeping my guest list I don’t trust that the computer won’t fail so I have everyone on index cards and in a folder just in case I can’t remember where I placed one of them, lol wedding planning gets a little crazy.

  4. Jenn says:

    Weddingbee and Offbeat Bride are two of the best for practical, real-bride experiences. As much as the glossy magazines are pretty to look at (same for the photography-heavy lookie-here blogs), they all start to blend together after a month or so.

    I remember when I planned my first wedding, I found some Windows95 program to track guest lists and planning, really basic stuff.