Ladies, Don’t Make This Mistake

When waiting for the strippers at your bachelorette party, please keep in mind they look like this:

Real cops look like this:

I bring this up in light of a story last week from the Australian Broadcasting System about a bachelorette party being held at the Humpty Doo Hotel (I did not make up that name) where the constabulary were called out about a disturbance and the ladies mistook them for the strippers.

Before the police could retreat they very nearly lost their shirts… but not their sense of humor. In fact they posed with party goers and the police car. No charges were filed in the incident.

But remember, not all cops will be that understanding of being sexually assaulted in a case of drunken misidentification. Wait until after the strippers arrive to drink enough to get confused about who is who. You know, if you plan to get that wasted anyway.

If you can’t wait, have a designated stripper identifier. She can also be the designated driver.

One Response to “Ladies, Don’t Make This Mistake”

  1. Jon Ohayon says:

    Ah yeah! What a funny news… So ladies, make it a point to distinguish who’s who, or you’ll end up handcuffed and have your party behind bars. Good thing these law enforcers are fine with it. I can picture what happened that night.