LOVE/HATE: Natalie’s Understated Gown

The first blurry pics are available from Natalie Portman’s August 4 wedding to dancer/choreographer/baby daddy Benjamin Millepied in a moonlight ceremony in Big Sur. As you can see, the bride looks as happy as every bride should feel inside. As you can also see, Natalie went for a simple look for her outdoor wedding.

Opinion is divided on the dress, And I am nothing if not opinionated.

My take? I LOVE this dress. It’s the right sort of length and level of formality for an out of doors wedding. No train to get full of twigs, no flashy rhinestones to look just a bit out of place amidst Mother Nature’s bounty. Just a wreath of flowers and a short veil on her head, flat shoes on her feet, and nothing to distract from her brilliant smile. And yet there are some nice design details that probably looked even better close up (or at least with a better focused camera), such as the layering of the skirt and the contrast fabric used for the sheer sleeves.

But that’s my opinion. What’s yours?

4 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: Natalie’s Understated Gown”

  1. Yosa Addiss says:

    I think it is great- because it looks so much like what *she* wanted. Not what her stylist wanted, not what her publicist wanted, but what *she* wanted.

    To me it is a bit to mid-1970s, but she wasn’t alive then, so she wouldn’t have the polyester memories I do.

    She looks so happy, and they will have so many over the top formal events to attend that I am all in favor of her wearing this for their wedding.

  2. Jenn says:

    That picture leaves me more meh than marvelous. The first picture I saw (from the torso up) had me loving the sheer (but not crunchy lace) sleeves and the simple lines, but I has imagined a less full, longer skirt on it and this full shot is just destroying my mental image of what the rest of the dress looked like. But she’s happy, so, you know, good for her!

  3. SarahDances says:

    She looks great, and happy, and good on her for picking something understated that she wanted! I wish the sleeves were a little more fitted, but that is my only quibble.

    Also, I think miniature ladies like her tend to look awesome in tea length, so rock on with that!

  4. She looks lovely in it. I wish I could see the entire ensemble, but it looks like her choice and style, and she looks happy 🙂