LOVE/HATE: Morning After Photo Sessions

It’s the morning after your wedding. You’ve spent the last few weeks (possibly months) having your entire world turned upside down with parties and racing from appointment to appointment and ever-present cameras documenting your transition from singleton to married bliss. You’ve finally had a few precious hours alone to enjoy one another’s company and nurse your first married hangover… when there comes a knock on the door of the honeymoon suite and you let the photographer in to do the professional shots of your post-nuptial (post coital?) bliss.

Yes, this is apparently something people are now doing. In fact, Refinery 29 has an entire gallery of images couples have had taken the morning after the wedding. The illustration above comes from that gallery. Okay, it’s only four images, but that still counts as a slideshow, and they all appear to come from different shoots.

You know, there was a time when a couple got one photograph of their wedding process. It was a single formal portrait of the happy couple looking stern in their wedding finery. By the time I was old enough to even notice the whole getting married thing, everyone expected to have an album of wedding day photos taken at the Big Event proper. Photos of the bride getting dressed and made up were fairly common well before I tied the knot, and that was where I drew the line. I needed ten minutes to myself that morning and that was the only chance I had to get them.

Frankly I cannot imagine inviting a photographer to come by the next morning, run me through hair, makeup and wardrobe, and then give me directions on how to look rumpled and sated for the cameras.

So yeah, I’m going with HATE on this one. In fact, I’m going with hate with the power of twelve massive supernovas here. That’s how much I HATE this.

Besides, are you really ever going to want anyone who isn’t you to see this? And if so, why? And even if you must do this, why not give yourself a little breather between the wedding and the next TMI photo shoot?

Or am I just a backwards old fart with no clue how special this can be?

3 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: Morning After Photo Sessions”

  1. Lisa says:

    Thumbs down from me as well! It was bad enough to go from our bed & breakfast back to the apartment, where family members were helping my husband move out. Teir “we know you just had sex!” grins were already enough to handle – I’m really glad there was no photographer there!!

  2. This is just taking us back to the times when people witnessed the consummation…

    Yeah, a big no from me, too. It’s right up there with bride-getting-dressed pictures and the garter toss on the yurgh-factor.

  3. Valirae says:

    OH, I love it.
    Why that is just exactly the sort of photo to put in the front of the album! My mother would be so proud of those pictures too. I bet she’d post them on facebook so that everyone she knows and works with could see.