Til Death Us Do Part is for Sissies

(Illustration via Wedding Hairstyles HQ)

Today is the annual Zombie Attack in Louisville, Kentucky. It is also the wedding day of Jesse Embry and Jennifer Wilson. In fact, they will be married in a zombie ceremony during the Zombie Attack.

The story line the couple has devised is that they were on their way to their wedding when a horrible accident killed both of them and their entire wedding party… but they decided to get married anyway.

The happy couple will be attended by two zombie flower girls (Embry’s nieces) as well as zombie bridesmaids and groomsmen. They will be married by a zombie pope (a friend of the couple who is ordained). All members of the wedding party will wear makeup to mimic ghastly wounds and clothes that have been customized with scissors, dye, dirt and mud, even blowtorches to give that ‘just died in’ look.

Why choose this theme and this day? Well, turns out there’s a good, sentimental reason behind it all: Jesse and Jennifer had their first official date at Zombie Walk 2009.

They joked for a while about holding their wedding where they held their first day, but after a while decided it felt right and started the serious planning.

I hope you’ll all join with me in wishing them happiness and the best of undead luck.

One Response to “Til Death Us Do Part is for Sissies”

  1. Katie says:

    I wish them much happiness, and hope to see photos!