Quickie Question: Call Me Old-Fashioned?

According to HuffPo, Twitter was all a-twitter on Wednesday over wedding and marriage traditions. Using the hashtag #CallMeOldFashioned, lots of people told everyone on Twitter what retro thing they want from their wedding and/or marriage.

The old-fashioned traditions in question ranged from being sure everyone knows that white dress means an intact hymen (please, please, please stop sharing that with me, everyone!), to wanting to be carried over the threshhold (awe!), to wanting to stay home and keep house, to believing their marriages will last forever without any straying on either part.

One woman said she wasn’t going to introduce her boyfriend to her parents until she had an engagement ring from him, which is decidedly not old-fashioned. It’s only very recently that a woman was likely to get engaged to someone who hadn’t already gotten a thumbs up from her father. That, in itself, is a fairly recent development from the times when the woman found herself engaged when her father darn well introduced the groom to her.

Did I do some old-fashioned things when I was getting married? Yes, I did. I did the old-fashioned thing of making the wedding happen by hand. I slept apart from Mr. Twistie the night before our wedding, even though we were both in the same house. I just felt like I needed to be alone then. It wasn’t like I thought that would make me somehow ‘purer’ or avoid the chance of seeing him in the morning. I just needed to spend some time in my own head that night. Nonetheless, it was a fairly old-fashioned thing to do. We had a receiving line, which was already well out of fashion at the time. I’m still glad we did that. I meant we didn’t miss saying hello to anyone. And Mr. Twistie and I waited to move in together until after we were married. That was my choice. I preferred things that way.

What about you? Did you do something very old-fashioned? Will you? Do you have some old fashioned wedding accessories? Have you made a choice that makes some of your friends wonder how you got so backwards or your parents heave a sigh of relief? Is it something you are happy with, or do you regret any of it? Was it your idea, or did you bow to someone else’s preferences?

Tell me all about it!

3 Responses to “Quickie Question: Call Me Old-Fashioned?”

  1. Cone says:

    You’ve mentioned a few times that the receiving line rarely occurs/has gone out of fashion these days. Maybe it’s just where I’m from but I’ve only been to one wedding since I was about 6 years old that didn’t have a receiving line…where exactly is this going out of style?

  2. Katie says:

    I had sleeves on my dress. We have matching rings. MIL made my dress, and I made BM and FG dresses. I wore a veil over my face which Dad lifted at the end of the aisle (though he didn’t walk me down it – my brother did) Our first dance was a waltz. We spent the night before apart, though that was for practical reasons like room for my BMs to sleep so they’d all be here in the morning (2 weren’t local, though the other could have stayed at home if she’d wanted to)

  3. Julieta says:

    I loved this post! Although I’m still relatively young to get married, my boyfriend and I know that we want to be together for the rest of our lives. We have a long distance relationship but I know that I would prefer to get married before living together.

    Some people say it’s better to move in together before getting married to test, and that kind of freaked me out a little.

    I’m a sucker for weddings and I definitely can’t wait to have mine!