The Fiddly Bits Around the Edges

I always had a sneaking understanding of Slartibartfast, the planet designer from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He loved the ‘fiddly bits’ like fjords. I, too, love fiddly bits.

And so I’m going to cover a couple fiddly bits most bridal blogs don’t usually talk about: those tiny details that make getting ready on the day of so much easier and less stressful.

For one thing, here’s the deal with how to deal with your rings. On the big day, slide your engagement ring off your left hand and transfer it to the right until after the ceremony. The wedding band is properly placed on a naked finger, and worn closer to your heart afterward.

Oh, and you know how on all the wedding reality shows you see the bride getting her hair and make up done while wearing a tee shirt? Yeah, after years of community theater, I’m here to tell you that’s a sucker’s game. Wear a shirt that buttons. Then you don’t have to pull it off over your hair and make up and possibly your veil, too. You don’t want your make up ruined because you got your shirt caught in your veil. Seriously, that’s not good.

Do your best to go to bed in time to get plenty of sleep the night before your wedding. You’ll feel better and you’ll look better that way. Even if you have trouble sleeping, do your best to find a quiet place in your mind.

Even if you think you can’t keep anything down before the ceremony, do try to eat. Crashing blood sugar can lead to people fainting at the altar. If you’re worried about your digestion, opt for something that goes down easily, like crackers or a smoothie. Not only will you stay upright longer, the first sip of champagne won’t hit you nearly so hard, either.

If you plan to do the whole something borrowed, something blue deal, then do your best to have it all set up before you start getting dressed. I once wound up lending a bride a bobby pin so she would have something borrowed. Maybe not the most sentimental choice possible. I’d have been more than happy to lend her a piece of jewelry, if I’d only known she needed it.

Make sure you have any documents you need for your honeymoon (passport, hotel reservation confirmations, directions/maps, etc.) in one place at the ready before you leave for the ceremony. Even if you’re going to spend the night in town before you head off on your adventure, you don’t want to be scrambling and printing off things when you’re already late leaving for the airport. Having that done is one more thing off your mind and therefore off your shoulders.

Practice saying your vows if they involve anything more elaborate than saying ‘I do.’ Even if you’re reading them off a card or slip of paper at the altar, the words will flow more naturally and affect your audience more.

When in doubt as to how to react to something, laugh. A sense of humor is a great way to get past the crisis mode attitude so often presented as the default for a bride. Yes, this is an important day, but something is going to go wrong, and it’s better for your blood pressure to laugh than to scream.

Unless they’re going to drive you completely up a tree, take a moment to say some nice things to your parents before the day sweeps the chance away. There’s a lot going on at a wedding, and it’s easy to find the day over and important things left unsaid. Whether it’s ‘thanks for footing the bill,’ ‘no matter what, I’m still always going to be your loving daughter,’ or ‘damn, you look fine!’ make sure you say it.

When the fiddly bits are taken care of, it’s amazing how easy it is to roll with the much bigger punches.

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